Saturday 27 February 2016

~*RELEASE BLITZ*~ Words of A Soul by Lisa Fulham

Words Of A Soul Cover Words of a Soul is the latest book from author Lisa Fulham and as the title suggests it's filled with words straight from the soul of the author.   Blurb Words of a Soul is a re-mastered and extended version of Words of a Season published in 2013. This poetry book will plunge your emotions into icy dark depths and burn your heart with the fires of love. Hear the rose scream, become a bow untied and lose yourself in the passionate pain of others. May the words of my soul touch yours.
Note From The Author:
Some people think poetry has no place in today's world or have bad memories of having to dissect the meaning of a sonnet in high school, but poetry is fast becoming one of the most used prose on social media and twitter has countless #'s where poets of all calibre express their emotions using this form of art. A poem is simply a story stripped back to nothing but pure emotion, at least that's how I see my poetry.
About the Author
Have you ever wondered 'what if'? I have. Many moons ago I dreamt of writing stories, but I let life take hold and soon the dream was forgotten. These days I'm living my 'what if' and I'd love for you to come along on this bodacious ride we call life with me and my words. From sexy stories with believable people overcoming real self issues to poetry straight from my soul, I promise to always weave scenes of substance and express deep emotion in everything I write.
I hope you'll walk through the ice and darkness with me and travel to depths unknown to find the love which frees us all.
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