Sunday 20 December 2020

~*BOOK REVIEW*~ The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins




The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins






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5 *****


I don't know where to begin when it comes to writing a review for this book... it was just absolutely incredible, well thought out and emotionally charged. It was explosive, filled with twists and turns. My head is still buzzing about everything that happened.

All the characters have their perks and flaws, they have their own individual personalities, though some are made to be rather 'close' as you'll see when you read the book - Blanche and Bea, they're similar but not the same... if that even makes any sense!
Eddie and Jane - Well, these two... are incredible characters. Jane was thoroughly enjoyable to read about. She has many wonderful adventures.... plain Jane she is certainly not! Eddie is shrouded in mystery, his background is non-existent, well a few bits here and there but not much really. I feel he should have had more of a below-the-belt history too like everyone else. It was kinda like he was born the way he was as an adult.
All the Thornfield Estate characters were quirky and fun to read about, though really they're your typical gossiping housewives in yoga pants.

The storyline throughs you from one suggestion to another, a scenario here and a scenario there, it was very twisty-turny, and I really enjoyed that aspect of the book. The storyline is explosive, intriguing and fun. I found it super hard to put this book down!!

The writing style is perfectly descriptive, I felt I could picture everything that was happening and where, I even dreamed about Thornfield Estates and the Lake House! This book flowed well from scene to scene and really made your heart pound throughout... something is always exciting in each chapter.

Highly recommended!