Saturday 13 February 2016

~*BOOK BLITZ*~ Your Last Breath by Carole Parkes & Doug Lafuze

Book Blitz:
Your Last Breath
Carole Parkes
Doug Lafuze
Feb 10th Feb 17th

American misfit, Raymond Lang, fled to London to avoid capture. Despite other people's perception of him, he never set out to be a serial killer. He dreams of being an author, of writing a thriller full of suspense. 

He’s tried, many times, to write about the gruesome murders he visualizes so clearly in his mind but, somehow, when it comes to writing it down, the sharp images fade and it’s as if he’s viewing the scenes through a mist. 

All that changes when he realizes what motivates him. His writing inspiration only comes in the precise moment he breathes in his victim’s last exhaling breath. If he wants to continue writing, he must release his darker side and make it happen. Once he starts, he won’t stop this blood-lust until his novel is completed, but can he finish it before he's caught? 

He’s clever, continually outwitting those chasing him. Even so, he should have known he couldn’t get away with it forever, should have seen his retribution coming, but it still takes him by surprise. Thwarted in his dream, he’s beyond furious. Now, no-one is safe... 

If you’d enjoy a fast paced, suspenseful plot involving gruesome murders, blackmail, a car chase, a kidnap, and the sleazy actions of a top politician, then this book is for you.

5 Stars

By Amazon Customer on December 22, 2015

The plot was most shocking and very gripping clear to the end. If you like suspense, blood, guts, and intense thrills, this book will keep you on your toes wondering what is going to happen next. I guarantee you wont put it down until you are finished reading it.

Cindy May Johnson
Williamsburg, IN

5 Stars

By Tammy on December 22, 2015

Excellent read! I finished "Your Last Breath" and was so drawn to the book from Chapter One! It really kept you wondering what Raymond Lang would do next. My favorite character was Alex, I was terrified he would die. Can't wait to read the next book to find out what happens to Robert...or Ameila or Jayne! This type of book could make a real good series!


Tammy Spears
Thank you again for allowing me to read this book for free for my personal & honest review!

5 Stars
ByPamela Reedon January 1, 2016

This is a great book full of suspense. The violence is intense at times (kind of like "Criminal Minds"), but it fits with the story. I really enjoyed this book, and will be looking forward to the next one!

Carole Parkes

I was born in Liverpool, England in 1945 and have lived in my current house in Lancashire for the past 38 years. I've been married 49 years and have three sons, all now married with their own families.

I started writing in 1985 when I produced several short stories, a series of children's books and my newly published book on Kindle "TISSUE OF LIES." Between 1985 and 1989 I also encouraged my elderly mother to write her life story whilst I started on my own biography. Owing to my commitment to my elderly parents, I didn't take my writing too seriously until after they both passed away in 2012, aged 97 and 94.

I have since rewritten "TISSUE OF LIES" to take in the technologies of our modern age. Although it's been hard work to finally finish and publish it, I've thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and have already started on my second book.


Doug Lafuze

I was born into a farm family in Oxford Ohio in 1969. We moved to Indiana when I was nine and I graduated from Northeastern High School in 1988, going straight into farming. I moved to Nebraska with my wife and two kids in April 2000. When she and I were divorced in 2014 and I took up writing as a form of therapy I guess you could say. I have written several of my own stories that I intend to publish one day, but my first published book is a collaboration between myself and author Carole Parkes called Your Last Breath. I love writing and intend to do it as long as I am able to. My mind is constantly thinking up new and interesting ideas to write about. I can't get them out fast enough.


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