Monday 15 February 2016


Shelby Reeve's has put her first three books in the "Pieces" series on sale.  Get caught up now before the 4th book, Breaking Free of the Pieces, is released. 
***This book contains adult themes such as domestic violence and rape.*** 

At twelve years old, Kaylee Harper’s life took a heartbreaking turn when her father was murdered and she was left for dead. 
Now seventeen, Kaylee’s still living with the unbearable guilt from that night. Things now seem to be looking up for Kaylee. She has Alexis Collins, her best friend who is practically her sister, and Riley Thompson, her boyfriend who is the star running back on their high school’s football team. 
Kaylee is starting to see that Riley isn’t all that great, but is it too late? 
Adam Thomas has everything a teenager could wish for, two loving and caring parents, friends, a nice truck, and a starting spot on the school’s varsity basketball team. Now he just wants the perfect girl and he has his sights set on Kaylee. 
After Adam takes her home one night he has no intentions of staying away, but Riley has different plans and he is not about to let her go. 
Kaylee’s life is once again turned upside down and this time it’s more than just her that she has to worry about. 
Can Adam help Kaylee wash away the guilt she carries around and get her to see that she can trust him? Can he make her see that she is not alone? 
As more secrets are revealed will she finally let Adam in so he can protect her?

***You must read book one, Picking up the Pieces before starting this book!*** 

The threat. 

The trial. 

My mother. 

It's all too much for someone to handle. My mother is not making my life easy at all, I'm on edge constantly because of the threat, and the upcoming trial makes me want to puke. 

The only reason I'm sane right now, is because of Adam. He is my rock, my protector, my everything. I want to throw my hands in the air and give up, but I don't. Adam is the reason for my fight. He makes me want to be strong. 

Because of him, I have faith. 

Because of him, I'm healing.
***Can be read as a standalone but better to read the other two in the series for background***

Love is risky, but then, sometimes it's the most beautiful thing in the world. 

Alexis Collins has had the perfect life, a life a kid can only dream about. Coming from a wealthy family, she got everything she ever asked for. Everything, except the one guy who will not return her feelings. Even though she has Brad, who is as sweet as can be, she isn’t fully happy, so she breaks it off with him. 
Ethan Harper has landed a job he has been working hard for. He is now one step closer to his dream job of being a Homicide Detective. He knows Alexis wants him, but he is trying hard to fight his attraction to his sister’s best friend. He has his reasons for not pursuing her. Ethan is trying to put her best interest at heart, even though he pretty much knows he is fighting a losing battle. 
With Ethan being deployed to Iraq soon, time is running out for him to tell her how he really feels. 
Will Ethan finally give into his feelings and let Alexis into his heart? Or will his attraction to her only bring danger?

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