Monday 29 February 2016

~*RELEASE BLITZ*~ One Last Song by Kristi Cramer

One Last Song

Kristi Cramer

 February 29, 2016

The Boys of Syracuse, Kansas is a series of 
standalone novels featuring characters 
connected to the town of Syracuse, Kansas. 
Most notably a family of cattle ranchers whose 
ties to the land go back to the 1880s. Good, 
old-fashioned cowboys. No anti-heroes and no
graphic sex, though there is brief graphic 
violence and intense, suspenseful situations.

One Last Song
(The Boys of Syracuse, Kansas Book 3)

In a bold operation that leaves the tiny town of Syracuse reeling, Kylie and Jax are kidnapped. Getting nabbed for human trafficking would be bad enough, but their captors have an additional agenda.

Singing is her ticket out.
Kylie Thomas works at the diner, but she dreams of becoming a star. She sings from her heart, capturing the attention of everyone in town. She knows someday she’ll perform in concert halls around the world. 

Being her best friend isn’t enough.
Jax Belamy has loved Kylie since he was fifteen, but she won't take him seriously. He's had to settle for being a friend, taking advantage of any opportunity she gives him to get close…even if it means stepping out of his comfort zone.

Will their song end before it begins?
When a talent scout approaches them after a karaoke contest, Kylie hopes this will be her big break. Something doesn't feel right to Jax, but he ignores his instincts to please his friend. What happens in the next twenty-four hours is not on any playlist.

One Last Song is Book 3 of The Boys of Syracuse, Kansas, a series of standalone suspense novels featuring characters connected to the town of Syracuse, Kansas. (Please note: While One Last Song can stand alone, several characters from earlier books recur and brief mention is made of their stories. As a result, readers may enjoy reading the series in order.)

200 pages

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4.5 Stars
One Last Song is a well-written suspense story with a dash of romance. The romance is between the 2 main characters, Kylie and Jax. It is not a romance between the kidnapper and the victim--I find those unbelievable and disturbing. 

Even though we know who the kidnappers are and who they work for, it doesn't detract from the story.
There is violence and murder in the story but nothing is in graphic detail. The violence and murder are important in providing the extra determination, wariness, and stamina exhibited by the kidnap victims and the authorities working to rescue them. It is not just for shock value.

This is the first book I have read by Kristi Cramer but I intend to read the first 2 books in this series and future books she writes. I definitely recommend reading One Last Song.

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Kristi doesn't know how she got old enough to say she's been writing for three and a half decades. She has always considered herself a writer, although she has worn a lot of hats in the course of her work history--from cashier at the movies and car wash, all the way to insurance underwriter. After leaving Portland, Oregon for life in a smaller town, she tried on a few more hats before she met her husband, started a trucking company, and ultimately left the office to drive over the road with him. On the road, she rediscovered her love for writing, and knuckled down to complete her first self published novel, a romantic suspense: Knight Before Dawn.


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