Monday 15 February 2016

~*BLOG TOUR*~ Beyond Repair by Annie Hughes

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Lydia Baker is returning home, despite being less than welcome and less than excited about it. The last time she was in the nosy little town of Park Bay, she was being shipped off to the looney-farm by her own father. Her best friend, Kate, is the only reason she’s going back, and Lydia is determined more than ever to fix herself and stop relying so completely on her friend. Which would be
easier if Kate’s judgmental cousin wasn’t in town too and if he didn’t make her drool so damn much.
Callum Reeves hasn’t seen his cousin, Kate, in eight years. Returning home was meant to be the easy comfort that he needed after losing his high flying job in LA, and consequently, his high flying girlfriend. A new job, his hometown, and finally
surrounded by what he knows. It would be perfect if it wasn’t for Kate’s nutjob best friend always being around. Her mood changes as often as her hair colour – which is a lot- and all Callum wants to do is strangle her. That is when he’s not
thinking about how good she’d look in his bed.
He hates her. She isn’t too fond of him either. He’s a straight-laced townie she can’t understand, and she’s crazy and broken in ways he can’t imagine. Their curiosity for one another has them discovering things they never knew about themselves as well as each other.
With the entire town watching every move that’s made, Lydia’s ever growing insanity, and Callum’s job with the enemy, what’s the worst that could happen?
WARNING: for mature readers only. Contains profanity, smut, scenes of a sensitive nature, and oodles of poor decisions

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"Stop being such a pussy bitch and get in here!" I huff out my frustration when he declines the offer to come inside the changing room for the third time. It's not like I'm asking him for a kidney. Geez. I pull out my pills from my purse, pop two, and then stash them back into the safety of their home. "Callum," I say, calmer than I feel. "I don't know what the big deal is. My nipples and vagina are covered up, so can you please come in here and help me with this." I stand with my hands on my hips, looking at my reflection in the full length mirror. The dress I'm trying on hangs loosely off my shoulder thanks to not being able to tie the corset at the back. It's a beautiful dress, vintage and perfect for the new look I'm aiming for. I hear him shuffle outside the door before it creaks open. "I swear to God, Lydia. If you're naked in there like last time, then I'm not going to be pleased." I laugh inside. That was hilarious. He's referring to two stores earlier where I was trying on a fancy pants negligee. I called him in because I wanted to see his reaction. He almost fell over. It didn't disappoint. His head creeps around and I smile. "See, no nipple. Honestly, you have to be the first guy to ever be pissed about seeing me naked," I put my back to him so he can tie me up. Oh, there's a thought. "I feel like I should be offended." He grunts and begins to tighten the lengths of ribbon that make up the back of the dress. The feel of his fingers as he brushes my skin causes goosebumps to pimple along my arms so I distract myself my smoothing down the white lace skirt of the dress. He pulls the ribbon tight at the bottom and I gasp silently from the bite of pain. His chest is suddenly flush to my back, so close I can feel the rise and fall of it. He releases a ragged breath, hot on my neck, and sighs. "You're so beautiful, Lydia," he whispers and my stomach drops. "I just wish..." He trails off so I spin to face him. He looks torn between regretting saying what he just said, and what he didn't say. I wonder if he knows he gives everything away, that he shows every emotion he feels on his face. I wish I had that ability, that confidence. I keep everything I feel locked up tight for only me to see. Handing someone that knowledge is like giving them the only weapon that can destroy you. I will never let someone have that sort of power over me again. I force a wide smile and throw my best Madonna pose. "What do you think of the dress?" He laughs quietly, and lets his eyes follow the lines of my body. I burn in the wake of his stare but stay perfectly still. "It looks amazing. It suits you. Do you have a party to go to or something?" I smirk and turn my back to him again, locking my eyes with his in the mirror. "In my life, every day is a party." Contact
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