Friday 9 August 2019

~*RELEASE BLITZ*~ Immortal Bite by Andie M. Long

Immortal Bite Release Day Blitz!

Immortal Bite: A Standalone Vampire Romance (Vampire Mates) by Andie M Long is now LIVE! 

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Here's the Blurb:

He vowed to never love again, but now his undead heart is beating…

She finds it hard to keep living; is he her salvation?

Since his turning, Caleb lives in his remote country estate with a  skeleton staff. His beloved rose garden occupies his time; a tribute to  his past lost love, along with a sharp reminder that the thorns that  would scratch a human leave no lasting mark on a vampire.

Artist  Vivienne dreams of a garden and a stranger, feeling compelled to sketch  roses over and over. When the name Tetburn Manor whispers on the edge  of waking, she finds the house and gardens that match her dreams and  sets off to sketch them, wondering if the house can lift her constant  melancholia.

Caleb watches Vivienne as she herself blooms while  she paints his garden standing outside of his estate. Should he listen  to his heart and let her in?

Warning: mentions self-harm

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Get to know Andie M Long:
Andie M. Long is author of the popular Supernatural Dating Agency series amongst many others.
She lives in Sheffield with her son and long-suffering partner.
When not being partner, mother, writer, or book editor, she can usually be found on Facebook or walking her whippet, Bella.

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