Thursday 29 August 2019

~*COVER REVEAL*~ Drunk Me by Courtney Lynn Rose


Drunk Me (Southern Dreams: Oregon Coast #1) by Courtney Lynn Rose
Cover Design by: Charli Childs, Cosmic Letterz Cover Design
Modeling by: Robert Kelly
Photography by: Jean Woodfin, JW Photography


Ten years.
Ten years after the heartbreak of a lifetime.
Ten years since I lost my mind and made a complete ass out of myself.
Ten years since I left home and didn’t look back.

But only five years since I got sober.

Now, Momma’s sick and I’ve got to go back to the one place I swore I’d never set foot again—Home.

A lot has changed though. I’ve changed. I’m not the broken hearted twenty-one-year-old, drunken slob they all remember.

Funny enough, my ex is still a cheating asshole, but his best friend Robert, who’ve I know since we were toddlers…is all types of sexy lawman.

But sobriety is a bitch when you have to face your demons. Robert and I have a past of our own, and the longer I’m in town, the longer I want to jump off the wagon and get drunk on him…because he’s better than an liquor I’ve ever tasted.
Too bad booze and men are a lot alike in my world—both lose you at the bottom of the bottle, and it’s never a good experience.


Ten years.
Ten years since I watched my best friend break the most beautiful girl’s heart.
Ten years since I stood by and let her spiral out of control.
Ten years since I helped her drunken ass run from this shore town to save her sanity.

But only five years since I got sober.

I’d only loved two girls in my life. One I helped run, the other I buried. I washed my hands five years ago of love and booze, and I haven’t been keen to go back to either.

As the sheriff of my small beach town, I unfortunately know everything about everyone. Which is why I should’ve been prepared for her to come back to town when her momma got sick.

But Aisling’s presence after ten years still hit me like a punch in the nuts, and now I can’t breathe. She’d never loved me, not even as kids. My best friend not loving her was what drove her out of town, but now that she’s back, I’m not giving him the opportunity to hurt her twice.

We may have a past this town doesn’t know about, but I’m going to do what I should’ve done ten years ago—show her my kiss is way better than the bottle.
This town may have other plans, because as much as I want her, when shit hits the fan, I don’t know if I can risk my own sobriety to make sure she keeps hers.  

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