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Author Ellie Keys
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It was the reason that I couldn’t ever bring myself to stay mad at him. It’s the reason that we were amicably separated. It’s also the reason that I was making cookies for a woman that I should have by all rights hated with every fiber of my being. I didn’t and I still don’t. I so don’t. I am indebted to her for making him realize that he needed to let us go. I should probably have my head examined, regularly.
I’m happy that he’s no longer here, taking up my space and making our lives in this house miserable because he is. I am now that is. I thought I was happy for him then. It’s been a year since that day. I can’t even believe it. A whole year has passed and all of it is still fresh. All of it is as real as if it happened a matter of moments ago and not so many moments ago. I didn’t think then that I would ever be in the position that I am in now. I didn’t see this curve ball coming. I share my story now as the moments unfold and not as me reflecting.
As I stand in my kitchen again, I look down and shake my head. My frustration level grew as I realized exactly what I’d done.
“Dammit, now I have to make some more mix for the cookies,” my eyes settled on a tray with only one cookie dough ball left on it.
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A Mother's Burden ebook cover
Excerpt from A Mother's Burden
"No. I am sick and tired of doing this with you. It's the same argument. The same conversation and I'm tired of it," my son, Marcus, growled at me as he quickly stood from my kitchen table and dropped his plate into the formerly spotless sink.
"Marc, honey, I don't know what you're getting so worked up over. If this thing with this girl is really something, then there is nothing that I could do to mess it up. If she is having issues or some need...," I began as I watched my son's face contort into a mask of complete horror and possibly justified anger.
"Are. You. Fu...serious? You are actually questioning whether or not I'm serious about her or she's serious about me? I'm committed to this woman. I'm so committed to her that I was willing to subject her to your judgment. I thought I was bringing the woman that I loved to meet the most amazing woman that I've ever known. I didn't know that I was meeting the cruel, nonobjective, conniving body double that sat with me and shredded the heart of the woman I plan to marry," he shook his head and turned his back on me. He took a few deep breaths then moved toward the back door. "I thought you would care enough to try. I guess my expectations were far too high. The woman I have respected and adored, the woman that raised me decided to take a vacation. I hoped you would see just how important she is to me since I wanted you to meet her. Amazing just how wrong I was."
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An Author's Tale_ebook
(Avail. Feb. 26th)
Excerpt from An Author's Tale:
I heard her screaming his name and him pleading with her to not be so loud or the neighbors would think that he was killing her. I couldn't hold back the laughter when that caused them to begin to bicker back and forth over whether or not that was the right time to think about the neighbors. I believe the question that was screamed was:
"Do you really think the neighbors would have mistaken my screaming orgasm as a sign that my dumb ass boyfriend is attempting to murder me?"
"I certainly didn't," I'd stated out loud and evidently loud enough for her to hear me.
Scarlett's Letter_ebook cover
Pre-order (Avail. March 5th)
Excerpt from Scarlett's Letter
She took him further into her throat and heard his beautiful response to her machinations. She moaned and he hissed as her tongue swirled around him. He quickly pulled her off of him and lifted her lips to his own. After she was kissed senseless, he grabbed her hips and lifted her above his head. When did he remove her bikini bottoms?
“Spread,” he commanded.
She immediately complied as she spread her legs and felt her toes curl over the back of the chair. He chuckled then kissed and nibbled her thighs. Scarlett was still in the air just above his head as he continued to torture her with his mouth. His strong arms held her suspended just above him. He licked a trail down her legs to the backs of her knees and she giggled then screamed her frustration. Aides moved back along her legs to nibble at her thighs, but never where she wanted him. She squirmed in his hold and his chuckle told her that he was enjoying himself.
Hermes' Boundary
Pre-order (Avail. March 31st)
Excerpt from Hermes' Boundary
“H., did you ever think that the thing that you try to steer clear of is the one thing that you might actually need? I think that might actually be the case. So, I’ve decided to make that my side project until the baby comes, then I will have something else to focus on. Until then, I’m going to work steadily to prove it to you,” she’d said to him as they watched Cerberus gnaw on a bone.
Neither of them knew if the bone was from a human or an animal, but Cerberus seemed to be enjoying it.
“Hermes, be open to this or else,” was all that his uncle had said on the matter before he’d dismissed him.
Sometimes he wished that he could turn off the internal “call button” he was born with. It was tuned into to every one of his brethren and, in rare cases, mortals.
Ellie Keys is a Mystery/Thriller and Romance author. The more diabolical the read the better. One of her pet peeves is being able to guess the ending before she gets there. She also enjoys reading all things romance, whether it's paranormal, mythological, mystery or contemporary doesn't matter. Her favorite things to do are mostly centered around books. Other pastimes are going to the movies, playing around on social media and she's addicted to word games: Scrabble, Text Twist, Wheel of Fortune. Cookie Jam and Bubble Witch have commandeered her free time lately.
Ellie Keys is from Michigan and a graduate of Central Michigan University with a degree in psychology. This degree allows her acknowledge that she may be a little bit off because of all of the talk about hearing voices that don't allow her to sleep. The good thing about that is she is in good company. She was happy to learn that she wasn't alone when she talked to other authors.
If you would like to see where "the voices" take her, then here are the links to follow:
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