Wednesday 23 July 2014


By Jo Raven

About The Book:

Four years have passed since I left home, my parents, and my brother Asher behind – since I shut out my past. And Erin. Four years since I last saw her, since I heard her voice and held her in my arms. I’ve spent my time forging a path from woman to woman, from bed to bed; trying to find an answer. But I think I’ve lost my way. There’s no light at the end of the dark. 

No big surprise. I carry the dark inside me. I’m a bastard – branded as such from the start. I never give my phone number and address; I take my pleasure and don’t come back for seconds. No commitments; no promises and no happy endings. Yeah, I’m a bastard down to the bone and I don’t give a damn. 

But now I’m back in my birth town, the town I fled at eighteen – back to make amends to the brother I abandoned and watch from afar the only girl I’ve ever wanted. Hope isn’t a currency I can afford; I learned that lesson long ago. Yet when she looks at me and says my name, I can’t help but hope.

This is book 2 in the Inked Brotherhood series which started with Asher. It is a stand-alone work. No cliffhanger.

My Review: wow!
I think I love Tyler MORE then Asher! he has a heart of gold. He's the kind of man every girl dreams of....romantic, soft yet hard on all the right places.
Erin....who knew she could be so sweet? and she has something up her sleeves...but that's her story to tell.

I love the way thos story was written, how Tyler and Erin's characters were portrayed. 
the story near damn broke my heart. and it made me happy too.
great things that you need in a book.
and of course hectic drama that everyone loves in a book!!
well done Jo!! you've done it again!

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