Wednesday 2 July 2014


By Kelly Walker.

About The Book:

Tired of living for the one who died, Lexi Feron is ready to throw caution to the wind. For eighteen years she’s been careful not to upset her fragile family, all the while knowing she’ll only ever be half of enough. Now, she’s done with careful. College is her chance to escape, to be free. To love. To live.

Someone wants her to die.

Kevin Morrison is haunted by the one he didn’t save. The one he wasn’t supposed to love. The mistake he can never take back, but is determined never to make again. A cushy job guarding a college freshman is exactly what he needs to get his confidence back. He’s just got to keep her safe until the drug dealer out for revenge goes on trial, then he can move on and forget all about her.

She has other plans.

No matter how much Lexi insists she doesn’t need a bodyguard, especially not one as mercurial as Kevin, she might be exactly what he needs. Because despite his best efforts, the spunky girl with a smart mouth and reckless streak awakens something in his heart that he thought was lost. But what if the real danger to Lexi, is Lexi?

My Review:

This book was a great read, definitely captivating. The reason I missed a star out if because I got confused at times, and a few of the characters irritated the hell out of me, like; Stephanie and Madison. It would of been nice for Lexi to make more friends. 

Close to the end the suspense was excruciating. I just wanted to go to the end and see what happens.....(I didn't though!)

Definitely a must read. Great storyline, Kevin and Lexi's characters were brilliant as well!

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