Tuesday 29 July 2014

*****************FLASH GIVEAWAY*******************

HELLO!!         ***CLOSED***

If ANY author is willing to still participate, please email me at l.grubb@hotmail.co.uk or message me on facebook! <3


I have set up and AMAZING giveaway for everyone! With prizes from AWESOME author's! 

Prize's from:

Chelle Bliss
M. Sembera
Tracie Podger
T.a. McKay
Jo Raven
Stephanie Witter
RE Hargrave



  • Patricia W. Wood - Jo Raven's Ebook of TYLER.

  • Vera Machado - Tracie Podger's Ebook of Fallen Angel Part l.

  • Liza Flor Dequilla - RE Hargrave's Ebook of To Serve Is Divine.

  • Julie Jenkins-Jessup - Stepahine Witter's Ebook of 2B or Not 2B?

  • Kelly Burrier Kline - Stephanie Witter's Ebook of PATCH UP!.

  • Christina Szczepan-Santos - Chelle Bliss' Ebook of Throttle Me.

  • Clarissa Wild - Swag Pack from M. Sembera

  • Tara Greseth - Swag Pack from T. A. Mckay

  • Dawn Vickers - T. A. Mckay's Ebook of Into The Deep

  • Christy Bravo - M. Sembera's Ebook Series of Rennillia.

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