Saturday 5 July 2014


Fallen Angel, Part 2
By Tracie Podger

About The Book:

When Brooke Stiles had said, “It was in a small room in an office block in Washington, DC, that my life changed, forever,” she had no idea of the enormity of that statement.

Just a few short months ago, Brooke, had lived a quiet suburban life in the UK. She now owns a closet of clothes she could only dream about and has been swept off her feet by trouble with a capital T.

Once Robert Stone came to terms with the fact that he was in love with Brooke, he knew he could never let her go. Not letting her go means introducing her to his life, past and present. 

However, when Robert’s past and present collide, Brooke does the one thing that Robert begs her not to. Does it change her? Has that light that he sees in her eyes been extinguished? 

This is a story of an ordinary girl who finds the strength to become the extraordinary woman, and keeps her promise to the man she owes her existence to.

My Review:

And I thought the first book was amazing!?
I can't even seem to form words at the moment of this one. It made me laugh, it made me smile, it made me go grrr and it most definitely made me cry!
Robert stone is a hardass all in him self, definitely a book boyfriend material.

Brooke has become a strong, independant, fierce woman!

I can't describe to you this amazing book! You'll have to read it for youself :P

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