Friday 11 July 2014

DOM WARS Round 4

DOM WARS Round 4
By Lucian Bane

About The Book:

It's Demon Domination for Lucian in Dom Wars Round 4. But it looks like there's more than just his demons they're throwing at him this time and surviving the storm won't happen without suffering.

My Review:

Absolutely fucking fantastic!!!! Holy freakin' wow!!!
this has to be by far my favourite so far of the Dom Wars series.
This round was a tough round for Lucian and Tara....the assignments that were given to Lucian throughout the boom, hurt my heart....I reallt felt for them. It was an extremely hard round for Lucian and an equally upsetting round for Tara.
Once again, Lucian Bane has smashed this book, aced it 100%


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