Wednesday 5 February 2020

~*EXCERPT REVEAL*~ Savage Dom by Jane Henry


USA Today bestselling author Jane Henry delivers a fast-paced, high-stakes novel of survival, suspense, and heart-breaking passion with SAVAGE DOM, book one in the utterly captivating Savage Island duet. 

He was one of six.

The biggest, the bravest, the most brutal.

Programed to discipline.



It's a fight to the death

Only one will survive.

But there's one complication....


Please note: Savage Dom is book one in the Savage Island duet and ends with "happy for now." Book two, Savage Love, completes the Savage Island duet. This book includes elements of violence and kinky, sexual scenes. If this offends you, please do not read. 

She walks toward me, and without thinking, I open my arms to hug her. Thunder rolls overhead, and before she reaches me, huge drops of rain pelt down from above. She reaches me as the rain falls in sudden torrents. We both speak at the same time. The poor girl’s trembling.

“I’m sorry, I froze—”

“Those things are deadly—”

“I tried to get away—”

“It killed one of the men here.”

“You saved me, I couldn’t—”

And then she’s in my arms, soaking wet and utterly naked, and I don’t even try to stop this. She’s shaking but framing my face with her hands as I bring my mouth to hers and kiss her. Oh, Christ, it’s been so long since I kissed a woman, and never in circumstances like this. We’re soaking wet and disheveled, but stripped from every possible modern convenience, there’s nothing but raw sexual attraction.

She’s holding onto me while I frame her waist with my hands, and my God, she feels so fucking good, even soaking wet and shivering. Her skin is like silk, her body easily melding to mine. My cock’s a steel rod between us, but she’s either as turned on as I am, or she doesn’t care. She only presses herself closer to me and rocks. I slide my tongue in her mouth and skate my hands down her trim waist to the fullness of her ass.

I want to see how she responds to being dominated. Something tells me she might be an independent woman, but she won’t fight this. So I grip her ass before taking one of my hands away and when she moans, I lace my fingers through her sodden hair with one hand, and with the other, slap the fullest part of her ass.

She sighs into my mouth and draws nearer. I spank her again, and again, as I continue to kiss her, yanking her hair between my fingers. I fucking love the way she molds to me like this, as if welcoming me to do more. I bring my hands to her underarms and hoist her into my arms. Her legs wrap around my torso, my cock pressed up against her ass. Christ, I want to fuck her right this minute. With her still holding onto me, our lips still joined together.

My need for her is so strong, I can’t think, I can’t speak. I need in this woman, and now.

I lay her on the ground and she yields to me, moaning when I pull my mouth off hers and trail my tongue from her neck to her collarbone. On instinct, I wrap my fingers around her neck, feeling the way her pulse quickens on my palm while I cup her pussy with my other hand.

“I want to own this pussy,” I say in a ragged whisper. Her eyes widen and her lips part when I flex my hand on her neck. I shove my hand between her legs and spread her thighs. She’s dripping wet in more ways than one. I effortlessly glide my fingers through her folds until she’s grinding against my hand.

“Fucking gorgeous,” I say in a low rumble, working her pussy while I look her over. Jesus, how I want to fuck her. I drop my mouth to one breast and lap at her nipple while I finger her, reminding her who’s in charge of this with gentle pressure to her neck. She moans and bucks her pussy against my hand. I suck in a nipple, suckling for a moment before giving it a harsh nip with my teeth.

She gasps, though it’s muted with my hold on her. I release her nipple and lap the hardened bud with the flat of my tongue, circling to stimulate her. She moans and whimpers. I release her neck and move my hands to her wrists, cuffing them.

“Stay there,” I whisper. “Do exactly as I say, or I’ll punish you.”

Her eyes look a little frightened, but her body vibrates with need. There are little pink fingerprints on her neck where I choked her, her hair wild and crazy from being pulled.

I’m drawn to her in a way I can’t control, a way I don’t understand but can’t stop. I need her like I need to fucking breathe.

“I need to fuck you,” I whisper. “I need to fuck you now.”

“We shouldn’t,” she whispers, but then she’s moaning and spreading her legs like she can’t stop herself either.

I line my cock at her entrance and tease her clit with the head, and when she’s moaning and on the cusp of climax, I plunge myself into her. She sighs deliciously and opens her legs wide.

“Fuck me,” she says through gritted teeth. I place one hand on her neck again and gently squeeze, holding both wrists in my other hand, and shove my cock in her channel. Christ, it feels amazing. I don’t even remember the last time I had a woman. I do know it was way before I even set foot on this island. She’s so tight I groan, building a rhythm, oblivious to where we are or what we’re doing, our only focus chasing our ecstasy.

I thrust and her head goes back with a moan and she pulls on her wrists, but I hold fast.

“Fuck me, you’re gorgeous,” I manage to rasp out. I thrust again, harder, and she screams, but it doesn’t stop me. Again, I thrust and again she moans, her legs wrapped around my torso anchoring me to her. I pull my cock out so the very head is at her center, and slam into her again, loving the way she writhes on the edge of bliss, loving the way her pussy milks my cock, loving the momentary reprieve from all responsibility as I do what I’ve been created to do, what I have to do. This woman was mine from the moment she set foot on this island.

I close my eyes when her keening moans increase and her pussy clenches on me. She’s on the cusp of climax and I’m on her heels. She throws her head back with reckless abandon and screams her climax when my seed lashes into her. I pump my hips and claim her body, marking her with my come. I don’t stop until she’s sighing and panting and fully relaxed beneath me.

“Gorgeous,” I say, leaning down to plant a kiss on her cheek.

“My God, what was that?” she whispered. “I got turned on looking at you. This isn’t me. I’m not—"

“Me neither,” I tell her. We’re still entangled together. I’ve just fucked her, but I’m not sated. I want more.

“Something’s happening here,” she whispers. She looks in my eyes searchingly. Hers are a delicate, bright green.

“I know.” I don’t know what else to say, so I lean down and kiss her again.

“Dear God,” she says, when I pull away. “This place is bewitched or something.”

“Or something,” I mutter. “Christ. Get your dress on before I fuck you again. We’ve got to get up to the shelter and secure things before nightfall.”

She pulls away reluctantly, jumping back in the water to clean off but I don’t look this time. I can’t. If I do, I don’t trust myself not to fuck her again.

USA Today bestselling author Jane Henry pens stern but loving alpha heroes, feisty heroines, and emotion-driven happily-ever-afters. She writes what she loves to read: kink with a tender touch. Jane is a hopeless romantic who lives on the East Coast with a houseful of children and her very own Prince Charming.

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