Saturday 28 September 2019

~*RELEASE BLITZ*~ Star by Elizabeth Lynx

Title: Star
Series: Price of Fame Series
Author: Elizabeth Lynx
Genre: Steamy Rom/Com Novella
Release Date: September 26, 2019
A movie star moves next door. A disabled veteran minds his own business watching a rather loud *ahem* movie in his bedroom. What happens when she gets fed up with the noise by breaking into his place only to discover him in his birthday suit?
Hi. I’m Niki Sargeant. The actress mentioned above. No, that’s not a movie pitch I plan to show producers. It’s my life.
I recently became Hollywood’s it-girl and moved into a swanky condo. When I hear a woman screaming rather loudly from my new neighbor’s home, I’m concerned. Breaking into his condo seems like a good idea at the time, at least that’s what my friends tell me. I realize it’s a mistake once he appears in the living room with no clothes on.
Yet, I can’t keep my eyes off him.
Did Niki say she broke into my place over concern about a woman screaming? Let me tell you the truth.
I’m Tucker Six, former Marine, the current head of a tech firm, and a mysterious loner. Maybe not a loner or mysterious but I am where it counts.
Wait, that didn’t come out right. Let’s start over.
There is only one reason Niki broke into my home, my body. I won’t lie. I’m cut and the coolest person within a five-mile radius. I can’t blame Niki for wanting me. But I have a problem.
She obviously wants me for my body but I wanted her heart.
Pushing on my wheels, I came to a stop on the other side of the couch. “I know you are there. You might as well stand up and get the humiliation over with now.”
“If we don’t get up, he can’t have us arrested,” one of them stage-whispered.
“Do you even know the law? Of course, I could have you all arrested. You broke into my home.”
“Technically, we used your key. It’s right outside your door on that small table, under the plant. If we really analyzed the situation, you practically invited us inside,” one of the women said and her voice sounded familiar.
What she said sounded like something I would come up with. I had to give her credit for that piece of wordcraft.
“I commend you on putting that together, but the law would disagree with you.”
“Shit. Sorry, Emmie, Niki. I tried.”
“Willa! You just used our names. What happened to using code names?”
“You all realize I can hear everything you say, right?”
“This is ridiculous. I’m standing,” one of them said while the others pleaded with her to stay down.
The air left my lungs when she emerged. The soft curls of her platinum blond hair looked like a halo that framed her face. Her long, dark lashes dusted her cheeks, and I imagined her down on her knees sucking me off, her lashes almost tickling my cock.
That image brought me to her thick, red lips, which were currently in an O-shape. She was surprised and embarrassed but for a moment, I imagined she was like the woman in the porno with the horny mouth.
Her cheeks darkened and I suspected it wasn’t due to breaking into my home. It was because we knew each other.
“Oh, uh . . . hi, Tucker. So, this is your place? It’s nice.”
“Tucker?” Willa said and stood. “Oh, shit.” She turned her back to me. “You need to cover yourself. You can’t be pointing your torpedo at us like that!”
“What?” the final female said as her head lifted over the edge of the couch. It was Emmie Delarosa.
I knew Willa Jones as she was my brother’s girlfriend, but the other ladies I had only met once. We met when Willa drew penises around my brother’s car and threatened to call the cops on him. That was a fun day. I remember trying my best to impress the ladies by going along with them.
Was I selling my brother out? Yes. But come on, they were all hot, especially Niki Sargeant who looked like a mix of Marilyn Monroe and Kate Upton.
“Emmie, stay down. That thing may go off at any moment. We can’t afford a casualty,” Willa said placing her hand on Emmie’s head and pushing her down gently.
Glancing down, I was shocked, too. Not that I was naked—I knew that part—but that my cock was at full attention.
“Now you come to life? I downloaded the dirtiest porn I could find and nothing. But three women break into my condo and you get hard . . . Wait, oh, I get it. Never mind, Little Me, you’re working A-OK.” I gave it a wink. I would have fist-bumped it but that would be weird, even for me.
“How did I not know you lived here?” Willa asked with her back still toward me.
My eyes kept bouncing between her and Niki. Emmie was back to hiding behind the couch, but Niki had yet to turn or close her eyes. Every time I glanced at her, she quickly averted her gorgeous blue eyes and my dick loved it.
She was pretending not to stare at me, but she wasn’t very good at it. I heard Niki was an actress. She must not be good if she couldn’t pretend to keep her eyes off my buff, slightly broken, body.
“Because you’re too busy boinking my brother to visit. Besides, I’m not really the social type but since you ladies are here, I could try to come out of my shell,” I said with a wink at Niki.
“No offense, Tucker, while a guy with a big dick is my thing, I’m rather faithful to your brother,” Willa said.
“I get that. I may be an asshole, but I’d never do that to Hunter. So, that just leaves you, ladies. You obviously were attracted by the female mating signal I sent out—at least enough to break-in. So, should we just—”
I was cut off by Emmie’s squeal as she raced to the front door. That woman could move. She was a blur and before I knew it, there was only Willa with her back still facing me and Niki.
“So, no threesome. That’s cool. It would be confusing with so many arms anyway.” I stared at Niki who had finally brought her eyes to mine. They were like looking at the sea for the first time—refreshing and breathtaking and I never wanted them to turn away.
“Tucker. There will be no sex with Niki tonight. She’s coming with me.”
“Can I watch?”
Willa finally turned. “You’ve got problems. Now go back to your porn and for God’s sake, turn it down.”

Elizabeth Lynx writes romcoms with a lot of steam and characters you'll be mad aren't actually real. She has worn many hats in life: mother, wife, photographer, graphic designer, executive assistant, and used to print pictures for the White House. For the past several years, she's decided to put down on paper all the crazy voices in her head. Surprisingly, those voices did some really naughty things.

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