Wednesday 25 September 2019

~*RELEASE BLITZ*~ Foolish Riot by Karen Renee

Title: Foolish Riot
Series: Riot MC Series
Author: Karen Renee
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: September 24, 2019
Patricka “Trixie” Baker grew up being used and abused. The night she met her “knight in a leather cut,” she dedicated herself to infiltrating his life. For ten years, all she’s wanted is to be Roll’s property more than anything. Anything. She’s a fixture in the Riot MC, but not part of the family. She never cared what anyone thought of her, but she refuses to be anyone’s fool. With determination to change, and Roll’s inability to commit, she won’t waste any more of her youth on him. 
Homer “Roll” Rolland has two secrets; one he knows will hold Trixie back and limit her life. He’s wanted her in his bed since the first time he laid eyes on her, but holding her back is the last thing he wants to do to the woman he loves. When his other secret leads to Trixie being brutally attacked by a rival MC, Roll is forced to make a decision. 
Trixie wants to be Roll’s property. Roll’s secrets hold him back from her. Will they find away to stay together?
“Holy cow was this a super great read!!” - MJ’s Book Blog and Reviews

“This story had all the feels.” - Katie Kelly (Goodreads)
“Excellent writing with a storyline you will never forget.” - Julie Minton at Spunky n’ Sassy
In fresh clothes after his scalding-hot shower, Roll came back to the common room, but Trixie was nowhere in sight. Rainey was sitting at the bar nursing a glass of white wine. She caught his eye and nudged her head toward the stool next to her. He’d always liked her, and was damn happy she was back in the fold with Vamp, so he settled his weight next to her.
“How’s it hangin’, Rainey?”
“Good. Actually, no. Better than good, now that our girl’s here.”
He shot her a look. “This ain’t the ideal place for an infant most of the time, lady.”
Rainey chuckled. “Not Simone, silly. Trixie. I haven’t seen her so happy since…um, ever. It’s a really really good thing to see, man.”
Roll sighed, but Rainey put her glass down and held up a finger at him. 
“Do you remember what you said to me last year?”
He looked down at her. “Pretty sure you’re gonna remind me whether I remember or not.”
She grinned. “Damn right I am. You said, ‘Men can be jerks, and women can be bitches,’ and then something about the younger we are, the more likely we are to be stupid and bigger jerks or bitches.”
That sounded fairly accurate because it was so familiar to him. “What’s your point?”
She shook her head. “The last thing you said to me was that the situation with my man was more important than my job or guarding my heart because it meant we’d both be happy. I saw your face shift when you walked in here, and it wasn’t in a good way. Don’t you dare talk yourself into lettin’ her go. She’s happy, as in really fuckin’ happy. You take that away from her, I’ll lead the charge in kickin’ your ass.”
Roll twirled her wine glass in his fingers. “How many ‘a these you had, Rainey?”
“That’s the first, so mark my words, mister. I’m pretty damn sober, and I mean it. Hell, I wanted to kick your ass when you tried to run off with a club skank before Liar and Razor were patched-in back in November, but Vamp was busy trying to drag me to his room.”
Roll clenched his jaw. “You’re damn close to steppin’ over a line here, Rainey. Seein’ as I’ve always liked you, I’ll tell you that I was asking her where Trixie was, because she hadn’t been around much.”
Her expression said she didn’t believe him, but as he held her stare it shifted to belief. “Well, fine. That is between you and Trixie, but the two of you are meant to be. So, don’t you forget it.”
Roll bit back his chuckle. “How long you been waitin’ to say that shit to me, girl?”
She arched a sculpted eyebrow at him. “Since you failed to bring her to the party when Vamp made me his Ol’ Lady.”
“Fair enough,” Roll muttered.
Karen Renee is the author of the Riot MC Series. She has wanted to be a writer from a very early age, and she’s finally bringing that dream to life. She has worked in advertising, banking, and local television media research. She is a proud wife and mother, and a Jacksonville native. When she’s not at the soccer field or cooking, you can find her at her local library, the grocery store, in her car jamming out to some tunes, or hibernating while she writes and/or reads books.

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