Thursday 28 March 2019

~*COVER REVEAL*~ The Purple Castle by Quinn Slater

Releasing April 5th
Cover Design by Silla Webb/Masque of the Red Pen
Genre: Erotic Fantasy /
Escaping the tumultuous life with her abusive husband, Zareena vanishes into the dark of night where she finds an enchanted land of mystical and magical creatures in the woods behind her home.
But as magical as the land seems, a darkness lies in wait—a witch who desires to sit on the same throne Zareena has been destined to occupy. In her quest to the throne and to wash away the curse the witch has cast upon both Legendary and its king, Zareena must also face her own demons of sexual desire and sexual conquest. The question for Zareena quickly becomes one of strength.
Can she accept her sexual awakening while also freeing Legendary from its 1,000-year curse?
Quinn Slater explores the world of erotic yearning and fantasy in a retelling of a classical fairy tale that explores one woman’s search for herself.
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