Tuesday 26 March 2019

~*BLOG TOUR*~ Inebriated by Katey Taylor

Title: Inebriated
Author: Katey Taylor
Genre: Young Adult Romance
Release Date: February 26, 2019
Cover Designer: RMGraphX

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Barely seventeen and as pretty as can be: the summer is their playground. Cait and her best friends Steph and Allie take on San Francisco’s party scene with fake IDs and short dresses. 

When Cait meets Adrien Cross, the charismatic lead singer of her favorite indie band, she’s introduced to a hedonistic world of liquor and lust that she never wants to leave. But then that world spirals out of control and the harsh realities of reckless living take a toll on Cait and the ones she loves. What will be left when the makeup masks wash off, the bottles are empty, and Cait begins to lose her grip on everything? 

Katey Taylor’s heart-wrenching debut novel will have you strapped into the intense rollercoaster ride of Cait’s life and one chaotic summer that will change it all. 

We all try our hardest to be perfect creatures. Some call it vain but sometimes the obsession for perfection can be a disease.
Allie was waving back at us to join her. The cute boys introduced themselves and said they would show us the direction to Swank if we followed them. I was starting to feel dizzy and leaned against one of the boys for balance. I can’t remember his name or really anything after that. I must have blacked out everything from that point on. 
A loud truck horn pulls me back to reality, reminding me where I am, alone and in desperate need to get home. I open my wallet and pull out the credit card my parents gave me to use on food, clothes, basic essentials, and emergency situations. This is definitely an emergency situation in my book. My mother rarely checks the card statements, but I don’t think she’d be pleased to see a fifty-dollar cab charge home from San Francisco in the wee hours of the morning or pleased at my current situation. But I need to get out. So, I muster every bit of strength I have to pull myself up and take off my four-inch heels to stagger down the block for a cab driver. Lucky for me, San Francisco never has a shortage of cabs, and I’m able to flag one down quickly. Through his thick accent, the scruffy cab driver asks where I need to go. 
“I need to get to Calaveras.” 
He checks me out in the rearview mirror and laughs. “You’re far away from home. Rough night?”
  Don’t remind me. I force a smile, then catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I look like death. My perfectly applied makeup is all off with just the residue of black mascara smeared under my eyes. Closing my eyes, I let out a sigh and slouch down, pressing my head against the cool glass window. I promise myself I will never let this happen again. 

Katey Taylor is the author behind the emotionally wrenching Young Adult Novel Inebriated. Katey's passion for storytelling stemmed not long after she first learned to write with a pencil. Every story she writes is infused with a piece of her heart and her absolute muses of music and travel. She's a San Francisco Bay Area native living in a house that sits on a bayside lagoon with her husband and two cats. Follow Katey on Instagram @kateyltaylor or visit www.kateytaylor.com.

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