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~*BLOG TOUR*~ Breaking Out by Megan Lowe

Author: Megan Lowe
Title: Breaking Out
Series: Rocking Racers #7
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
Release Date: March 2, 2019
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Cover Designer: Claire Smith
Photographer: CJC Photography
Models: Daniel Rengering and Lauren Summer

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Christian Ryan knows love when he sees it. Having watched his uncles and father fall in love right in front of his eyes, he’s confident Nia Matthews is his forever girl. Absolutely nothing will stand in his way of making Nia his.

Nia Matthews has loved Christian Ryan her whole life. He’s her best friend, her lover, her everything. But she yearns for more. She yearns for a life outside of Booker, a life of her own.

When it comes to light just how apart the two are, the distance seems insurmountable. Will they break up, break out, or realise that sometimes the best things come from the most unexpected circumstances?
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When I was three years old, I literally saw my aunt and uncle fall in love right in front of me. I thought things would be the same for me: one day I’d see her and bam! We’d fall in love and ride off into the sunset. Only it wasn’t like that. The girl I love has had my heart since I was ten years old and today I’m going to ask her to marry me, to be mine forever.

I know people might say we’re young, but I love her, she loves me, and I know we’re it for each other.

Nia Matthews is… well, she’s my everything. When we were younger, she was my friend. Along with her twin brother, Ryder, she was my best friend. Her parents, Cole and Knley, have been part of our team basically forever. Cole was one of our Ryan Racing riders, then when an accident cut his racing career short he became our technical director. They’ve always been around, always been an honorary part of the Ryan family.

Then things started to change. We got older, I watched all of my uncles fall in love, then finally, my mum and dad. I was surrounded by love. One day I heard Nia and Aunt Knley singing, and I was struck. Maybe I did get my bam! moment after all. I heard her sweet voice and I was hooked. I knew that day I was going to marry her.

We started dating after my last year of high school. Even though Nia was fourteen, it was never weird between us; shit, it wasn’t until two years into our relationship that we started sleeping together. I think our parents were wary, but they also saw how I looked at her, how I treated her, like she was the most precious thing on the planet, because she was. She is. And today I’m going to ask her to be mine forever. I’m twenty-seven, and not getting any younger. I want Nia to be my wife. I want to start a family with her and all that entails. Like everything in my life, I want it, and I want it now. I’m a racer, and as a racer, I can’t compromise. Compromising on safety means I can get hurt or die. Compromising on speed means I don’t win. It’s the little things that you think won’t really matter that can make the most difference. That’s why I won’t yield. I won’t settle on the track and I won’t settle when it comes to Nia. That is, if my cousin ever leaves.

“Hart, babe, I love you. You’re my favourite cousin, but I really need to be somewhere.”

Hartley is Uncle Jax and Aunt Bentley’s daughter. Well, one of them. Aunt Bentley can’t have kids, so they applied to adopt one from South Korea. Only once they got there to pick up Emerson, Hartley wailed and wailed, so after a huge kerfuffle and a much longer trip than they anticipated, they adopted her too. It’s been a theme in Hartley’s life ever since.

“Don’t make me go back there,” she begs as she lies on my couch. “My dad’s being a total caveman. I can’t take it!”

“I’m sure it’s not as bad as it seems,” I reply.

“He’s being totally unreasonable, not letting me go to Nicky Sims’s party.”

I know Nicky Sims. I also know his parties, and Uncle Jax is right not to let his eighteen-year-old daughter go, even if she is legally an adult.

“Maybe he’s right not to let you go,” I say and brace myself for the shrieking to start.

“What?” she demands on cue.

“I know Nicky Sims, Hart,” I say. “I also know his parties. They’re full-on. You don’t need to be partying that hard, or with that crowd.”

“Oh please,” she says, crossing her arms over her chest. “Like you and Nia weren’t going to worse. Plus, she was younger than I am now when you guys got together.”

I sigh and run my hand through my messy mop of dark brown hair. “Yes, Nia was young when we got together, but our parents knew we were responsible and could be trusted.” I raise an eyebrow.

“I can be trusted,” Hartley insists.

“Really?” I ask.

“Yeah, totally.”

“So you almost driving your mum’s car through the garage wall and into the house, that’s trustworthy?”

“It was an accident.”

“You were ten and couldn’t see over the steering wheel.”

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Megan Lowe is a lost journalism graduate who after many painful years searching for a job in that field, decided if she couldn’t write news stories, she would start listening to the characters whispering stories to her and decided to write them down.  She writes primarily New Adult/Contemporary Romance stories with Sport and Music themes. She is based on the Gold Coast but her heart belongs to New York City. When she’s not writing she’s either curled up with a good book, travelling or screaming at the TV willing her sporting teams to pull out the win.


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