Friday 5 June 2015

~*COVER REVEAL*~ Savage and Refuge by Amy Miles

Author: Amy Miles
Series: Immortal Rose Trilogy (Arotas Prequel)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: TBA

Savage Blurb:

An innocence forgotten.  A love abandoned.  A new era begins.

The world has changed.  Humans live, fall in love and return to the dirt from which they came, but for Roseline Enescue, time stands still.  A hundred years pass without word from Fane, long enough for the feel of his touch to wane and she begins to doubt that he ever truly existed at all.

Vladimir continues in his ruthless pursuit to destroy her spirit.  Plagued by the sinister whispers of his brother, Lucian, her husband turns to new methods of torture that leave Roseline on the brink of insanity.  As rumors spread among the humans of vile monsters that inhabit Castle Bran, giving way to wild legend and myth, she is forced to fight alongside the family she despises in order to survive.  

Soon it is no longer survival that she longs for...but blood.

Refuge Blurb:

A thirst for blood.  A lifetime of regret. A love to forgive all.

Vampires exist, not of flesh and bone, but of hushed whisper and fear.  A bloodlust that must be sated drives Roseline back into the forgiving arms of the only man who has ever truly loved her, but their refuge can only last for so long.  A romance shared in silence threatens to tear apart Roseline’s world until she is introduced to those whom Fane lived among during their time apart, immortals both noble and pure of heart.  She no longer belongs with them.  She is tainted.

Foregoing his opportunity to be free of Vladimir’s reign, Fane follows Roseline home for the final time.  Fane’s refusal to let Roseline remain in darkness leads to a deadly duel and forced submission.  A new threat has returned as mortal men ban together once more to form a clan of fierce warriors and Roseline is forced to fight, but will she be able to resist the call of blood and reclaim her soul?

Author Amy Miles has always been a bit of a dreamer. Growing up as an only child, and a military brat to boot, she spent countless hours escaping into the pages of a book, only to spend the following days creating a new idea of how to twist up the story to make it unique.

Since becoming a mother, Amy has slowly nourished her love of the written word while snatching writing time in the midst of soiled diapers, tumbling over legos and peering around mounds of laundry and dishes that never seem to go away. Once her only son started school, Amy was free to let her fingers dive into dark mythology, tales of betrayal and love, and explore human nature in its rawest form. Her love of seeing the world from a different angle bloomed.

Amy is the author of several novels, including her popular young adult immortal books, The Arotas Series, which are an Amazon and iBooks bestselling series. Unwilling to be defined by any one genre, she proceeded to flip over to a science fiction/fantasy based idea with her Rising Trilogy. She then dove into contemporary romance with her novel, Captivate and explored the depths of her own faith with In Your Embrace.

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