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~*COVER REVEAL*~ Provoke Me by Elle Raven

Title: Provoke Me
Author: Elle Raven
Series: Barossa Series, Book 3
Release Date: Mid-late September, 2015
Genre: Erotic Romance
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COVER DESIGNER: Margreet Asselbergs
COVER MODELS: Lance Jones & Sky Kinz

Milan Sinclair is rebellious, stubborn and has a huge chip on her shoulder—a chip that Marco Brunetti, the multi-billionaire, vice-president of the Brunetti Hotel and Spa Resorts, put there. As a teenager, she worshipped the ground he walked on, but not anymore. She's determined to make Marco's life a living hell after he tormented her for years.

Everyone thinks she and Marco would make the perfect couple, but there are two major flaws in their logic. Firstly, Marco is a philandering playboy and can't hold a relationship down of any kind, and secondly, after blurring the line between family, friends, and lovers one night years earlier, they can't stop provoking one another. 

Marco Brunetti is arrogant, reckless and a committed playboy. He took Milan's virginity one drunken night and then he bolted. Now they’re forced together at his sister’s wedding, where they decide to call a truce for the sake of the family. But how long will this truce last? Is it just a pretense so Milan can get her ultimate revenge, or perhaps their ‘spark’ can be used for more than fighting? 

That is if they don't strangle each other first.

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Elle Raven is a new and upcoming Aussie author who lives in Adelaide, South Australia with her husband and three young children. Elle can usually be found with her iPad or laptop computer permanently glued to her. She began writing from a very young age. In fact, Elle used to write plays and musicals when she was in high school. Having such a flamboyant personality, she even performed in them herself: always an 'actress' and always the star. 

Elle loves reading and writing about an alpha-male hero. If she can't read about one that is alpha enough to suit her, she will take it upon herself to write one. 

Elle's books will feature an alpha-male hero, who will come tumbling to his knees in lust and love when he finally meets the heroine of his dreams. Rest assured that in an Elle Raven book, the hero will never cheat. 
“Like I mentioned before, you’ve changed, Milan. You're not same girl I had sex with years ago.”

Her smile widened. “But I bet you are.”

“Care to find out?” I asked. “We could—”

“I’m not so sure about that,” she said and considered me. “I'd really need to think about it. Hard. It’s not like it was the most riveting experience for me or something I'd like to revisit, especially the ending.”

What the fuck? I was trying to call a truce here and build a friendship, but she had to go and throw that insult out there? “The hell it wasn’t,” I growled.

“Oh, you poor darlin’,” she mimicked me. “You don't agree with me?”

I moved in on her, my heart pounding. “Don’t you lie to me, Milan. I know you enjoyed it.”

She smirked at me, looking completely and perfectly composed while I was about to flip my shit. “So now you think you can read my mind and understand me better than I do? How the fuck would you know what I enjoy and don't enjoy?”

She might get away with talking shit to other men she’d been with, but I wasn't putting up with her crap. I backed her up to the wall, boxing her in. Leaning so close that our chests touched, I pressed my hands against the wall on either side of her head. Getting this close to her was dangerous and stupid, but all so delicious. And it felt fucking amazing.

I caught her gaze. “It might have been your first time, but it wasn’t mine. I know for a fact you enjoyed every single thing I did to you that night. Especially when I buried my head between those sweet legs of yours and made you scream my name so loud you could've woken up the entire town. There’s no faking the way your pussy clamped down on my finger when you came, darlin’.”

She bit down hard on her lower lip, and pink suffused her cheeks. “Do you talk to your clients that way, Brunetti? That’s not very professional at all.”

“No,” I said, leaning even closer. My gaze fell to her plump mouth, and my cock lurched in attention. “I save it all for you.”
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