Monday 18 May 2015

~*RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW*~ More Than A Pair Of Pumps by Alexandra I

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GENRE: Contemporary Romance YA
Release Date: May 18th
Gutsy and stubborn 24 year old Trinity Parker is more than thrilled when she lands a job in a top New York fashion store, crunching numbers in the back office. As luck would have it, it’s on her first day there that she ends up heroically foiling a robbery. Or so she thinks. The man she thought was stealing, Dimitri DuPont, a handsome and rich distinguished gentleman, insists Trinity apologizes to him for her assumptions. In fact, he demands more. Dimitri is a man one cannot say no to. So she doesn’t. She succumbs. Soon, her life becomes a tangled web full of lies and deceit and Dimitri DuPont, the one person who’s been there through it all, takes her out of her comfort zone and leads her on a voyage of discovery. Will he be the anchor that she needs or the catalyst that blows her world apart?
Author: Alexandra I
Alexandra, a singing and dancing force not to be reckoned with, especially when she holds a microphone, is someone who imagined her life would be just like in the film 'Grease'. So she found her 'Danny', married him and right at this moment, she is annoyed his car doesn't fly.
When she isn't glued to her trusty laptop creating magic, Alexandra prowls the pits of twitter ... find her there if you dare.
She is known for her love of fast cars and her pumps which she has way too many pairs of. Correction, you can never have too many pairs of pumps!
Other books by Alexandra
FLASH BURN (#1 Bestseller in Erotica Genre on Amazon)

~*~*~*~* REVIEW *~*~*~*~

Trinity Parker finds herself with a massive job, her job as Money Doctor at high classed store has a price. After thinking she saw someone thieving in Voleur, the store, she races after and shoves her hand in his pocket. Humiliated after finding a load of condoms, she rushes back in store. What she doesn't realise is that the guy she rushes after is a valued customer...who now has his eyes firmly stuck on her. After pursuing Trinity for all its worth, she finally resents, stubbornly. She doesn't know him, he doesn't reveal a lot. When she finally cracks where the stores money has gone to, she uncovers the truths and lies, alongside deceit and heartache. What will happen after everything hits the fan?

It took me a while to get into the story because it goes from one scene to another which confused me a bit. Eventually I got so into it I had a hard time putting my darn kindle down. I'm used to alexandra I writing just erotica, but this is completely different from her usual...and I really enjoyed it. The characters are strong yet stubborn, and that's a plus in my books, where both main characters are as strong as the other. I didn't like that this ended on a horrid cliffhanger. With no idea when the next book is to be release its made me go grrrrrr at my kindle.

I do recommend this books.

Aimed at audiences of 18+ with sexual content not suitable for younger readers.

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