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~*BOOK TOUR*~ Redemption of Lunar Falls by Lashell Collins

Redemption of Lunar Falls (Lunar Falls 3)
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Author Lashell Collins
Genre: Paranormal/Romantic Suspense/Urban Fantasy
Publication Date: May 1, 2015
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Carly Tipton's life has been turned upside down since she moved to Lunar Falls. She came looking to start a new life for herself, but nothing prepared her for the adventure that awaited her in the mysterious little town. A place where werewolves not only walk among the humans, hidden in plain sight, but where the roots of her own family tree are deeply entwined with the noble creatures. And when she and her mate, Gabe, are declared the answer to an ancient Moon Hunter prophecy, Carly finds herself wondering if the secrets and lies of Lunar Falls will ever end.
Gabe Masters is an Alpha on a mission – to re-educate his people in the ancient ways of the imprinting and abolish the purity movement, all while getting the five packs to accept his new human mate as one of their own. Easy, right? Until shifting alliances and a small faction of wolves join forces with the cat shifters in a last-ditch effort to overthrow Gabe's authority before his and Carly's wedding. A vicious battle ensues as Gabe leads his men (and women) against the rebellion. But can he defeat them in time to keep Carly safe?
Redemption of Lunar Falls is book three of an adult sexy shifter romance trilogy.
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They both fell back onto the mattress and stared up at the ceiling, panting as their hearts raced together keeping perfect time.
“Have I ever told you that I love that sexy little swivel thing you do with your hips when we’re in that position?” he asked, still looking up at the ceiling.
Carly giggled. “Um … no. No, you haven’t,” she panted.
“Well, I really love that sexy little thing you do with your hips in that position. It drives me insane,” he said. Then he turned and looked at her with a wicked grin.
“Oh, yeah?” she asked as he reached out and ran a finger down her cheek.
“Yeah,” he answered. He rolled over toward her and kissed her lips, slow and rhythmic as his tongue stroked hers, leaving her breathless all over again when he finally pulled away.
“Gabe?” she whispered.
“Are you hungry?” she asked.
The innocent question sounded so seductive as it dropped from her soft sweet lips, but Gabe felt her physical hunger run through him just before the growl from her stomach reached his ears. He couldn’t have stopped the laughter if he had wanted to.
Carly smiled as he laughed at her, burying his face in the crook of her neck, and she ran her hand through his hair.
“Don’t laugh at me,” she pretended to pout. “It’s not my fault our child has the appetite of a grown Moon Hunter male.”
“You are adorable, do you know that?” he asked.
“Are you making fun of me?” she responded.
“No. I’m cherishing you,” he said, looking into her eyes.
“That’s what you said earlier, when you bathed me before the ceremony,” she said.
“Yes, I did. That’s my word for the night because it is my vow to you,” he said as he caressed her face. “Carly, I am going to spend the rest of our lives cherishing you. You are everything to me, baby. Please don’t ever forget that. I am so proud that you are my mate.”
“Gabe,” she whispered again, running her fingertips over the scruff of his short manicured beard. Then he kissed her again.
“Mine,” she heard him say in her head.
“Yes. Yours,” she replied.
Their make out session ended when her stomach growled again, and Gabe pulled away, still laughing.
“Come on. Let’s go find my pup something to eat,” he said.
They climbed out of the bed and Carly found her sweater from before the bath still sitting on top of the hamper where Gabe had left it, and she slipped it on over her head. It hit her at the mid-thigh area, covering all the essentials, and she ran a hand through her sex hair. Gabe pulled on an old pair of sweatpants he found in one of the drawers, and then he took Carly by the hand and led her out of the bedroom and through the family room to the door.
The house was completely quiet when they stepped out into the wide hallway, and Gabe led her to the left toward the front staircase. Carly couldn’t help feeling as though they were doing something naughty as they creeped down the stairs, like children sneaking out to play way past their bedtime. In the kitchen, Gabe turned on the light and headed straight for the fridge.
“What have you got a taste for?” he asked, smiling sarcastically at her as he opened up the refrigerator.
“Hmm? Oddly enough … meat comes to mind,” Carly said, playing along. “Got a big juicy steak in here somewhere with my name on it?”
“Steak? No,” he said as he rooted around on the top shelf. “But …”
He pulled out a large plate covered with foil and gave it a sniff, recognizing immediately that it was elk and that it was fresh. His Moon Hunter protective instincts kicked in, giving him a sense of accomplishment that he could feed his pregnant mate something beneficial to their unborn pup, and he smiled as he tore off the foil and held it out to her.
Carly sniffed at it, realizing for the second time that day that the aroma of a food suddenly took precedence over the visual of it for her - a truth she knew was due to her new Moon Hunter sense of smell, and she had to admit that from her veterinary point of view, the changes going on inside her body fascinated her.
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Lashell Collins is an American author of romantic suspense, contemporary and paranormal romance. She spent the last twenty years of her life working in veterinary clinics and garden centers in her home state of Ohio, and is now living her dream of writing full-time. When she's not busy tapping away on her laptop and living vicariously through her characters, she can usually be found watching TV, rocking out to Slash, stuffing her face full of Chinese food, or riding on the back of her husband's Harley-Davidson. Give her a shout, she loves to hear from readers!
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