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*COVER REVEAL* Bound by Lora Ann

Cover Reveal Bound: Strand Brothers Series, Book 2
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When submission, love, and something far too terrifying bind.
How far will you go for someone you love? Which lines are you willing to cross? Who will you turn to when the ones that should be there for you aren't?
Lacey Kincaid is in search of her drug addicted, twin sister, Keeley. But every time she locates her, Keeley moves on. Now Keeley has disappeared without a trace and it's up to Lacey to find her before it's too late.
Even (pronounced Evan) a.k.a. E Strand is the youngest of three and by far the most dangerous. No, he isn't a badass like his oldest brother, Nik. Nor is he the most handsome like his brother, Alex. His danger lies in his personal preferences in the bedroom. Many know him as the Master and it is a title he deserves. Owner of numerous sex clubs as well as instructor of BDSM Even is fulfilled, until the night a dancer at one of his clubs catches his eye. She's innocent. Beautiful. Off limits. Yet he wants her for his own.
It doesn't take long for E to realize the woman he desires to dominate needs his help. As their journey to find Keeley runs into one dead-end after another, passion ignites between these two. But is it enough to bind them together forever? Or, will the bond between sisters keep the lovers apart? Can they free Keeley from the clutches of a madman in time? And if they do, will happily ever after be in their future?
Due to violence, language, & sexual content this book is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18.
Bound teaser
Excerpt 18+
Lacey began to walk towards the bus stop when I grabbed her arm firmly and hauled her to a waiting Range Rover. She looked up at me in shock. “What are you doing?” “Shut up and get in,” I growled. In a mood like I was in, I had seen grown men nearly piss their pants. This woman stepped closer and spat out, “Don’t order me around.” “Are you shittin’ me? After the stunt you just pulled, I should take you over my knee and paddle your sweet ass. Now, do as I say,” I demanded. Her eyes widened. “You wouldn’t actually do that, would you?” “Sweetness.” I barked out a humorless laugh. “The only reason I won’t is because you aren’t mine. But mark my words; I won’t hesitate whether or not you are mine if you ever do something that irresponsible again.” “I thought I could handle it.” She took a step backwards as her lip began to tremble. “Ha! You thought wrong,” I pointed out. That was when she climbed into the SUV of her own accord, but she wouldn’t look at me. I gave my driver the go ahead to take us back to my place. I’d be damned if she spent the night away from me. Part of me didn’t trust her. The other, wanted to ensure her safety at all costs. Unsure of which one was stronger, I inquired, “Are you hungry?” She shook her head, still refusing to turn towards me. Hell no. I leaned over and gently cupped her chin, bringing her face to mine. I was surprised to discover her eyes were bright red, tears still flowing. That particular sight did something to me. Filled with a need to comfort, I undid my seatbelt and hers. I pulled her onto my lap and offered, “My shoulder is right here. Go ahead and let it all out.” She buried her face against my neck and did just that. After a few more minutes, she pulled back as she wiped her eyes. “I didn’t know,” she admitted. “I never would’ve gone there if I had.” Tenderly, I stroked her cheek. “I figured that out after I railed at you. I’m—” “You were right,” she interrupted before I could finish apologizing. Something I didn’t normally do. She continued, “It was beyond stupid. If it weren’t for you…Well, we both know what would’ve happened.” I wasn’t fully convinced she did comprehend what those assholes were about to do. Even though I didn’t want to give her nightmares, she needed to know at least some of it. “Those men didn’t just plan to gang rape you, Lacey. They were pimps. You would’ve gone to the highest bidder.” Her head bowed. I reached underneath and gently lifted her chin, so our eyes met. “Promise me, never again.” She attempted a nod. Not good enough. “Say the words,” I commanded. I watched the tip of her pink tongue as it ran along her lips, before she answered, “Never again will I go to such a place without you.” “And?” I persuaded. She swallowed and replied, “I promise.” “Good,” I acknowledged, before I leaned forward and brushed my lips against hers. Damn, she was so sweet. I knew I needed to stop, but then she opened to me on a moan. My resistance snapped as I devoured her mouth with mine, staking a claim I didn’t want. Yet, there was no denying that was exactly what I had just done. Mine, a feral part of me growled as I continued to take without apology. She was the first to pull away. Her breath staggered as she confessed, “I want you.” “You should stay away from me,” I growled. “I know. But I need your help to find Keeley.” I closed my eyes to break the connection between us. As if that were even possible. The fire continued to blaze between our bodies, so I eased her off my lap. After I redid our seatbelts, I spoke, “You have my word. I’ll help you.” Before I could finish, she professed, “But that can’t happen again. We can only be friends.” “Right.” I smiled self-deprecatingly. “No matter how much I want to fuck you.” She took in sharp breath as her eyes darkened with desire. I could’ve had her then and there. I knew it. She knew it. But that would only complicate things. So I held out my hand to shake hers. Once she placed her hand in mine, I declared, “I won’t act on my desires.” In deep concentration she bit her lip, and then answered, “Agreed.” How the hell I thought I would pull that off, I had no idea. Though I knew I had to try—for her sake, and mine.
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Some choices are simple, some are hard, and some leave a brand.
One unforgettable night at a masquerade changes it all.
Mogul Nik Strand is all too familiar with the curve balls life likes to throw. Believing his soul can never be restored, he covers his pain and heartbreak with money. The more the better—as his heart is nothing but ice.
Aimee Taylor makes a decision that will haunt her forever. Unfortunately life doesn’t come with a do over; therefore, she makes the best out of what she has.
An unforeseen circumstance brings these two together again, even though, neither can explain how or why the other seems so familiar. As love tries to heal this wounded couple, a common adversary seeks to destroy.
Due to strong language, sexual content, and violence, this is book is intended for 18+.
Branded (Strand Brothers Series, book 1) is available at:
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Author Bio
Lora is a Missouri native who relocated to California as a teen. She spent several years as an international flight attendant for a major airline, before taking on her greatest job ever, a stay-at-home mom. Now she resides in Kentucky with her family, and has taken on her newest adventure, writing.
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