Friday, 16 December 2016

~* BOOK REVIEW *~ A Mother's Reckoning by Sue Klebold


A Mother's Reckoning by Sue Klebold


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This is haunting, chilling and a remarkable read. I have the upmost respect for this woman at speaking out about what she went through. It's a hard read, one they will have you crying for this woman to be listened to. If I had the chance to hug her, I would. 

After The Colombine Massacre in Littleton, Colorado, the victims families blamed the parents. I understand they were going through a hard time themselves, but to judge and blame the parents when you don't know them? I also understand, that after Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold committed suicide, they wanted someone to blame but Sue was never given the chance to defend herself. She was deposed numerous times and her brain illness erupted from the aftermath of this tragedy. 

I also agree that there were 15 victims as opposed to 13. They may have cause the havoc and distress but they were also victims to themselves. Mental health does different things to different people and in the male population I can imagine it's harder for them to seek help. I attempted since multiple times when I was 16/17, was in anti depressants at the age of 14 and I had no one to talk to myself. Sue is helping a great cause that more people need to get involved in because when I was younger, there wasn't anything or anyone who understood. 

Sue's undying love for her son, even after everything he did, is admirable. There wasn't any warning and people need to see it's not always the parents that are to blame. 

This book was extremely well written, with plenty of research and an insight into her journals is an eye opener to what she was put through. Massive respect, love, admiration and hugs for this brave woman who still fights to this day with her own mental health and the willingness and determination to help others like her son before it's too late for them. 

highly recommended. I cried myself silly reading this and I know everyone else will too.

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