Friday, 2 December 2016

~*BOOK REVIEW*~ Blood Lines by Angela Marsons


Blood Lines by Angela Marsons Author


My Review:
I was expecting this to be able to be read as a standalone... I warn you, it's not.

Though I enjoyed the prospect of the story, I found the speech of some characters to be irritating... stacey for instance, I have no idea where she's from but the way her speech was written was like reading baby language and I didn't get it; having to read it multiple times to understand what was said.

I liked Kim, I liked her 'take no shit' attitude. I love and strong female in a book and she was definitely that, though saying that, she had her moments of weakness. (i don't know the whole back story on what happened between her in Alex Thorne.)

The ending was amazing! I never guessed who the perp was and I like that I couldn't guess. I also enjoyed how everything unfolded; the drama and the explosiveness.

I'm definitely going back to read the 4 previous books in this series.

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