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~*PROMO*~ Chyra by Ellie Keys

Chyra full cover
Title: Chyra: Book 4
Author: Ellie Keys
Series: The Norton Sister Series
Genre: Romance, Adult
Release: Sept. 17, 2015
Chyra final ebook cover
Chapter 1
Chyra stood in the middle of the restaurant looking at most of the members of her family while trying to fight back the tears that had been threatening since they began their surprise attack. This was not how she expected this day to go. Her plan was just to work her way through the mess. They’d now taken that option away. She woke up just a few days ago thinking that she could handle anything that came her way. Christmas had been a complete disaster thanks to the unveiling of a truth she hadn't been prepared to share. Her drunken call to let Zach know just how she felt and what she thought of him had ended with her apparently sleeping with him. Her adorable little boy couldn't stop the beaming smile that was plastered on his face when he emerged from the bathroom and found that he was at his mother's house with his father there along with them. There went the New Year’s holiday. She had to possibly crush her little boy’s hopes and dreams. That morning had been spent fielding questions from a very curious little boy that wanted to know when they were moving. He also had ideas about the house they should get. Zachariah went as far as putting in his "order" for a little sister. At first he didn't know why he wanted a sister and not a brother. After a moment or two of thinking, her little Zachy told her his reasons. "I have a good idea. I think it should be a patterin. It can be me because I'm a boy. I'm first. A sister, she woulds be a girl then a brother then another sister. See Mommy. It would be boy then girl then boy then girl, a patterin. It can't be like Auntie Rayna and Unca Chris. They have the girl first. I'm not a girl. Our pattern is different, right Mommy?" "Yes, baby boy. Our pattern would be different because you are a boy and you were born first. So, you think mommy is going to have three more babies?" "Four. It has to be," his little nose scrunched up while he thought some more and she could've just kissed him. He always had the ability to take her mind off the things she was dealing with. "Auntie Wynnie tells me it. Oh, it's a evens number. That's what. Evens numbers are good. Are they, Daddy?" She'd almost forgotten Zach had been there with them until the moment Zachy had asked that question. He'd looked so comfortable in her home, her personal space. It had made her nervous. She turned her attention back to fixing them all breakfast while Zach answered questions or fielded them her way. It was his way of letting her know that he knew she was trying to avoid the obvious predicament they'd found themselves in. Chyra reluctantly answered the continuing list of questions her four year old had. After an hour or so of her and Zach answering question after question, she couldn't answer another. She needed to come up with something to stave off the rest of the inquisition. It took her telling him that they were going to spend time with his cousin, Nakia, to get him to stop. Zachary had been no help at all. He just sat at the table laughing every time Zachy hit her with another question. Once she got them out of the house, she made sure that she was unavailable to have visitors or take any calls for the rest of the day. She needed to sort out what was going on in her head. Fortunately for her, Lynnia had closed the restaurant for the holidays. Her sister told everyone that her family restaurant employees needed to have time to spend with their own families and the holiday break was the perfect time to do it. fbca5-teasers Teaser Book 4 Teaser Red 7d150-iconenews
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