Friday 15 May 2020

~*RE-LAUNCH BLITZ*~ Stirred Passions Series by Madelynne Ellis

Re-launch Blitz  Stirred Passions Series 
by New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Madelynne Ellis.
Cherry Bomb (Stirred Passions #1)
They couldn’t be more wrong for each other.
Flicka Caine
Chinchilla Studios has owned me since I was seven years old. At nineteen I want out. That means ensuring the Caine Chronicles isn't renewed for another season.
Cue Operation Bad Girl - and being seen with quintessential British bad boy, and destroyer of reputations far purer than mine, Dare Wilde.
Dare Wilde
Flicka Caine lands in my lap like a cherry bomb, fuse already lit. She might taste like spun sugar but there's nothing sweet about the ache she causes.
Too bad that she typecasts me like all the rest. So I turn her cute arse down.
That should be the end of it; turns out, it’s only the beginning.
Cherry Bomb is the first full length standalone coming-of-age romance in the Stirred Passions series, about the Sunsetters, a group of bisexual A-list actors and the women and men who love them.
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Black Velvet (Stirred Passions #2)
My best friend just hooked up with the girl of his dreams. To say I'm devastated is an understatement. But, it's nothing a nice rebound relationship can't fix.
At least that's the story I spin myself.
So, go out. Get drunk. Get laid. Wake up fixed.
It's a plan. A sound plan. Even a half sensible one.
That’d be why I seduce my straight—questioning—soon to be new co-star instead.
But it's cool. It's fine. Honestly.
Until she shows up.
His very wet dream. In our bath tub.
And then we get snowed in.
Black Velvet is a steamy emotional romance featuring a heart-broken hero, a videogame geek, and an unexpected guest. It includes M/F, M/M, & M/M/F encounters. Dive in and discover why readers say no one writes bisexual bad boys like Madelynne Ellis.

Soul Kiss (Stirred Passions #3)
Dylan Drake
Kira Carter-Wells—badass bodyguard, and the most unconvincing "fake" date for the evening ever presented by a studio exec.
Guys, seriously, I've been out and proud since I was eleven. Women do naff all for me. Zero groin excitement. This is a farce.
Kira Carter-Wells.
My mission, keep my drop dead sexy charge away from any knife-wielding maniacs and tuck him into bed early. Alone. It should be simple. He's gay. I'm straight. Zero complications should arise.
I don't understand the sparks that ignite between us any more than he does, but once lit there's no snuffing them out.
It can’t possibly work. Or can it?
One of us is going to wind up hurt, and I’m damn sure it’s not going to be me.
Soul Kiss is an angst heavy, trope-twisting, bodyguard romance, encompassing one man's journey of self-discovery. It contains M/M and M/F depictions. If you're not okay with the complexities of human sexuality, best give this one a miss.

Screw Driver (Stirred Passions Bomb Shots #1)
“Tyler Beauford is a truly awful lay!”
Faced with such a joyful headline my burgeoning acting career is doomed. Who wants a leading man with a hair trigger?
So, when my best-mate, Seth Lindsay, proposes a threesome with pop sensation Nixie Owen in order to restore my bad boy credentials, I figure, what’s to lose?
Too bad Seth omitted to mention a couple of things…
Author Bio: 
Madelynne Ellis is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of erotic romance. She lives in the UK, not far from the Welsh border with her partner, family, & assorted pets. She is currently sipping rapidly cooling decaf coffee, listening to loud music, & indulging her obsession for tattooed bisexual bad boys.
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