Thursday 28 November 2019

~*NEW RELEASE*~ A Shattered Lives Short Story Collection by Barb Shuler

A Shattered Lives Short Story Collection
Releasing: November 26, 2019 
Genres: Holiday/Contemporary Romance 
Cover Designed by: Opium House Creatives

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Finding that special someone to spend your life with is not a priority for some, yet it happens. It’s magical, all encompassing and the start of something beautiful.

With each new journey in life there comes a choice, a tough decision, a path of least resistance. For some, that path is paved with good intentions, love and a sense of respect which matches no others. 

For the families in the small town of Burke, Texas… it’s just that, plus so much more.

Excerpt from Promise Kept - Story 1

Thirty minutes later, there were a total of five grills going, and a fire pit blazing. Even in the August heat it was a welcome thing. I moved to Lana and wrapped my arms around her. 
“Ready to go for that walk?” I asked, kissing her cheek. 
I saw a few eyes turn our direction and smiled. 
“Yes. Lady, come.” Lana took my hand and pulled me to follow her. 
“It’s not as hot here as I thought it would be, but it’s still hot,” I said, tightening my grip on her hand.
“I’m ready for tomorrow morning, so I can get in the water and stay there all day.” She laughed.
“Only with sunscreen. My God, do you remember the last time we spent all day in the sun without it?” 
“I was a burnt lobster and couldn’t even sit to pee without major pain. Trust me, I brought four bottles of sunscreen, each are waterproof and have an SPF of 95.”
I chuckled. “Good. If you hadn’t, Ma had an entire bag full.”
We walked down the path to the lake. Lana kicked her flip flops off and so did I, leaving them at the edge of the path. No one else was out here, after all. It was quiet, the water moving up against the earth. The small lapping sound that said someone was out on the lake disturbing the gentleness, called to me. 
I let her pull me over to the edge of the water. We both stood there looking out over the lake’s shiny surface, the small rolls of water breaking over our toes. I stepped out a little further, side eyeing her. I tugged her hand up and kissed her knuckles. 
Her cheeks filled with a blush. I moved to face her, wrapping my arms around her, my lips pressing to her forehead. 
“I love you,” I said softly. 
“I love you, too.”

Amazon US : AU : CA : UK
Available in Kindle Unlimited

What others are saying:

I first fell in love with the Shattered Lives series, and all of Barb Shuler's books, when I read My Own Nightmare. It was the first time I had read a psychological suspense/thriller. I wasn't sure what to expect, so I just tried to have an open mind. I'm so glad I did because it led to a whole new world of stories for me.  ~ Mindy, Goodreads Reviewer

Barb is a Carolina Girl by right and a Texan by birth. By day she’s a desk jockey for a rural transportation company and a book lover -  reading through as many books as she can. At night, though, she turns into her alter ego, a writer. Cape, optional, depending on her mood.
Her stories are a mix of real life events, her own personal experiences, the crazy workings of her imagination, and the imaginations of her best friends. And with their imaginations together, it can get a bit nutty at times. Barb writes in multiple genres, encounters new adventures, creates new worlds and has a fantastic time breathing life into new stories. Creating something she hopes inspires anyone who reads them to fall in love with them as much as she has.
Barb lives by one little rule, tomorrow is never guaranteed so make sure you live each day to its fullest.

~ Connect with Barb here ~

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