Sunday 24 November 2019

~*NEW RELEASE*~ In My Chains by Brynn Paulin

Brynn Paulin
Tradition Bound Series Book 2
She’s got a secret that could get him killed…

Keera couldn’t help it. She fell in love with her boss. She gave him her submission even though it was the worst idea in the world. Oh, not because she doesn’t want him. No, she wants him too much. But she’s been on the run from a stalker for years. In that man’s mind, if he can’t have her, then no one will. But…maybe, he won’t find her this time. It’s been over a year.

She takes a risk.

She’s his, and he’s not letting her escape his chains…

For months, Theo studied Keera. He made plans, big plans—the biggest being his plan to reveal the depth of his D/s lifestyle and permanently claim his woman. Oh, she knows he likes a little kink. What she doesn’t know is there’s nothing little about it.

He’s ready to show her everything, to give her everything. He’ll protect her with everything he has and keep her safely wrapped in the chains of his love.

Too bad, his everything might not be enough.
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