Friday 28 June 2019

~*RELEASE BLITZ*~ Heartache and Hope by Jay McLean

Heartache and Hope, the first book in Jay McLean’s Heartache Duet is now live
and available in Kindle Unlimited. 

Ava Diaz needs saving.
She just doesn’t know it yet.
Just like she doesn’t know a thing about the boy she sits next to on the first day of senior year.
He thinks she’s a brat.
She thinks he’s entitled.
Maybe first impressions don’t always last…
Because Connor Ledger’s about to save her.
He just doesn’t know why.

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They look like fireflies. The way the water falls from the sky, illuminated only by the streetlamps.
I stand in the middle of the road, barefoot and barely breathing, my arms out, face to the sky. 
I don’t know how I got here. 
When I climbed out of my window, the sun was just setting and now… now I’m surrounded by
dark skies and false hope. 
I know I should go home. 
That I should face my fears and tackle them head-on. 
My mind travels the right roads at the right time to get me there, but my heart…
My heart takes me to Connor. 
Outside his bedroom window, mud seeps between my toes, and the frigid air creates
goosebumps along my skin. I raise my fist and tap, tap, tap on the glass. 
A moment later, a light turns on. And then nothing. I tap again, my heart racing.
The blind lifts and Connor appears, his eyes squinting. It’s clear he’d been asleep, or close to it.
Hair a mess, he’s shirtless, the obvious beginnings of bruises mar parts of his torso, and I look down,
shame filling every part of me. I bite down on my lip as he slides the window up. “Jesus Christ, Ava.
What the hell are you doing?”
His warm palms meet my soaking wet elbows, and then his entire body is cocooning mine,
lifting me off my feet and into his bedroom. My feet land on his soft carpet, and I look down at the mess I’ve made.
“I’m dirty,” I tell him. 
Inside and out. 
Dirty, dazed and damaged. 

About Jay McLean
Jay McLean is an international best-selling author and full-time reader,
writer of New Adult and Young Adult romance, and skilled procrastinator.
When she’s not doing any of those things, she can be found running after
her three little boys, investing way too much time on
True Crime Documentaries and binge-watching reality TV.
She writes what she loves to read, which are books that can make her laugh,
make her hurt and make her feel.

Jay lives in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, in her dream home where
music is loud and laughter is louder.

For publishing rights (Foreign & Domestic) Film or television,
please contact her agent Erica Spellman-Silverman, at Trident Media Group.

Connect with Jay:

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