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~*BOOK BLITZ*~ Mine Immortal by Kristin Ping

Title: Mine Immortal
Author: Kristin Ping
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Cover Designer: Joemel Requeza
Editor: Tim Bullins and Monique Fisher
Publisher: Fire Quill Publishers
Publication Date: May 8, 2019
Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR
Blurb: As part of the Ancient race in the supernatural world, three-thousand-year-old Varcolac Jason Chase, also known as Jericho, knows he has a lot of enemies and allies. But his world is turned upside down when strange dreams about a human girl starts plaguing his nights. It could only mean one thing, and it was something he never expected. Varcolacs get one true mate in their lifetime, and Jason Chase thought his didn’t exist.
After the death of her mother, twenty-four-year-old South African Morgan Freeman heads back to the one place that had always felt like home—the cruise lines. But this time it’s different. Meeting Jason Chase, the man of every woman’s dreams, was so not part of her plan, but it feels like they’re a match made in heaven. But something doesn’t feel right. Nobody could be that perfect, right? When the truth finally comes out, her heart is shattered and the world she once knew ceases to exist.
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Kristin Ping is a USA Today Bestselling author who resides in South Africa with her husband, two beautiful girls and her bulldog that tries to eat her house. She has been writing for the past decade and write under many pen names in different genre’s. Her first novel under Kristin Ping is called Hinder, A Bender’s novel that forms part of the Guardian of Monster Saga.
She has reached her USA Bestselling status with her novel The Curse, published by Fire Quill Publishing in 2018.  She sold the Italian translations rights that will be published by Hope Edizioni in 2021.
She has published two more novels in the Varcolac Series which will always formed part of the Guardian of Monsters, and hopefully will bring out the third Varcolac novel, Immortal Beloved, soon.
For more information you can go to her website
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“Are you sure about that?” I asked. “Zac, I will break your balls if you tell anyone about this.”
“Dude, you are the Alpha. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t.”
“Good, so don’t even think about it.”
He chuckled, which pissed me off. None of this was funny. “It’s not funny.”
“No, it’s not. I just don’t understand why you feel the need to shift. It’s not normal, dude. You can get anyone you want.”
“So can you.”
“Yeah, well, that takes all the fun out of it. No, I like doing it for a different reason.”
“No, you like fucking around with people’s heads.”
“That too,” he said.
“So, all I have to do is clear my mind and it will work?”
He chuckled.
“Have you really never shifted before?”
“No, I’m not that messed up.”
“But you want to shift with your true mate?”
“I need to find out something, that’s all,” I lied. I was curious, and I shouldn’t be. “It’s not like I’m going to do anything to her. I’m not that sick.”
“It’s fun, not a sickness. You should try it.”
“Yeah, I’ve got responsibilities, Zac. I’m not a pup.”
“Whatever you say, old man. Enjoy.”
If only I looked like an old man. “Wait, before you hang up. Did you check the cages?”
“Yes,” he whined. “Our concern is with you on the cruise ship. Dom is the one you should be worried about, not us. We’ll be fine. You just concentrate on your shift, and like I said, enjoy.” He put the phone down.
Zac was Isaac’s twin and a huge fucking player when it came to the opposite sex.
He hardly slept with humans, but what he does is worse. He shifts.
Shifting was not what it sounded like. It was a term we used when we tried to gain control over a situation or gather information. I think that ability came from our vampire side, since some of them could really fuck you up when they got in your head.
Zac used it to seduce human women.
He would present himself in the form of a dream, which was what we called shifting.
The reason I wanted to shift with Morgan was because I was curious about her. I couldn’t deny it.
I’d stepped back the past three days, thinking it would be easier, but I could see that I’d made her uncomfortable. She wasn’t as bubbly as the first night.
That only piqued my curiosity.
I should just talk to her, but that could backfire. It might make me fall hard for her, and I didn’t want that to happen.
That was why I opted to shift. I could ease my curiosity, and leave her thinking she’d just dreamed of me. No harm done. Except, it might make things between us even more awkward than they already were.
Just thinking about shifting tonight was turning my stomach into knots.
I didn’t want anyone to know, because I couldn’t lie. My face always told the truth, and I usually admitted to things before I could get caught. I hated that I couldn’t lie, but I figured it came with age. Lying was senseless when you were my age. But I could not tell Morgan the truth. She could never know what I was. So, hopefully, my curiosity about her would disappear tonight.
I left the bar and made it to my bed, grimacing when I saw the time on my clock. Two a.m. These late nights had to stop because they were starting to take their toll on me, but I was happy to have caught up with Kate. We’d made plans to go to the carnival in Rio de Janeiro—our next port after the one tomorrow—since it had always been on my bucket list.
I fell asleep faster than I thought I would, only to wake up to the sound of my door opening.
A tall figure walked in. I paid no attention as it was probably someone that came to visit Ashley.
I didn’t close my eyes though.
It was weird that I could see him, since I usually couldn’t see my hand in front of me in the darkness of the cabin.
But I could see his outline clearly, just not his face.
My heart started to race. He wasn’t aiming for Ashley; he came straight to me.
I switched on my light as he came to my side and found . . . Jason.
“Dude, what the fuck are you doing here?” I asked with a breathless chuckle.
His eyes widened. “This wasn’t how I had planned this. I think I should just go.”
I wanted to tell him to be quiet when I noticed that Ashley’s bed was empty. Where was she? She had been in her bed a few minutes ago. This didn’t make any sense.
“Don’t, just . . . ” I stopped him and sighed. Then I started to laugh again. What was I doing?
He stopped, turned around, and walked back to my bed looking scrumptious.
“Do you know how beautiful you are?” I clapped a hand over my mouth after the words had tumbled out. What was wrong with me? I never spoke without thinking.
“I’m beautiful?”
“C’mon, you know you are. Hey, where’d Ashley go?”
He chuckled. “I’m in your room and you’re wondering where your roommate is?”
“Yes, she has a big mouth and if she finds you here . . .  I feel sorry for you if that happens.”
His body shook with his laughter. “Why? Does she think I’m beautiful, too?”
“Ugh, whatever. How did you even get into my room?”
He shrugged. “I’m a guy with many talents.”
“So I have heard.”
I looked at his hand, but it wasn’t shaking anymore.
“What’s been up with you these past three nights? You’ve been . . . different.”
“I’m different?” he asked. “I was just about to ask you the same thing, Minx.”
I gulped, feeling my throat bobbing up and down. The way he said the nickname I had since I was a little girl was doing strange and wonderful things to my body. I let out a small chuckle.
“I’m fine,” I struggled to find the right words. “I’ve just been struggling to get in bed before two. Don’t know why.”
I glanced at the clock and saw it was five, then glanced back at him.
“Two,” he asked, his voice taking on a strange tone. I glanced at the clock again. It showed it was two.
That was weird.
I looked back at Jason.
“Uhm . . . what are you doing here?”
“Isn’t it clear? I’m here for a booty call.”
I nearly choked on my saliva.
“From me?” I asked, aghast.
“Yeah.” He frowned, “Why, what’s wrong with you?”
“Nothing, but why me?”
Something about this didn’t feel real.
“Just go with it,” he said as he got into bed with me. He positioned himself on top of me, then lowered his mouth to mine and kissed me.
Was I really doing this when all he’d said was to just go with it? Was I that cheap?
I shrugged inwardly. It was Jason fucking Chase, the hottest guy I had ever set eyes on. Who cared if I was cheap?
His tongue slipped into my mouth, exploring and igniting things in me that I had never felt before. I inhaled his scent, and it sent sparks down to my lady bits.
As if he could read my mind, he slipped his hand into my panties. I knew I should have stopped him, but something inside me held onto the way he made me feel.
I wanted this.
I wanted him.
I wanted Jason Chase.
One moment I was ready to leave and then the next I was literally on top of her.
She wasn’t supposed to wake up in her dream, but that just confirmed to me that she was different from any other human woman I’d ever met. Perhaps it was because she was my mate. Whatever the reason, I didn’t know.
Everything I had been contemplating—my feelings for her, the plans I had—all flew out of the window when she’d looked at me with that bewildered smile on her face.
Did this mean she was into me?
She moaned as my hand slipped over her folds, and I reveled in the fact that I was the one doing this to her. She was driving me crazy with lust. I now knew why Zac enjoyed shifting so much. This way, it felt real, but I couldn’t hurt her.
I could feel it build up as she moaned in my ear. Her warm tongue lapped at my earlobe, making goosebumps flush over my skin.
She was waking things up that hadn’t been awake inside me for a long time.
I felt my fangs lengthen, and though I didn’t want it to happen, I couldn’t stop even if my life depended on it.
“I want you so badly.” I whispered in her ear, and then the pain came.
I woke up and found myself in my cabin.
Morgan was far from my bed. Her smell wasn’t real.
But the pain, oh the pain was real. What was happening?
I grunted as the pain increased. Hunching over, I clutched my stomach, trying my best not to wake up Belatar, but to no avail.

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