Thursday 22 September 2016

~*RELEASE BLITZ*~ One Moment by Danielle Dickson


Title: One Moment
Author: Danielle Dickson
Photographer: Zachary Stone Photography

Cover designer: Kari Ayasha of Cover to Cover Designs

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All it took to change our lives forever, was one moment. A moment that would define the rest of our lives. Can mistakes of the past be forgiven?


For me to stay in control, I had to keep the memories locked away. Thinking back to when I lost my only lifelines, was too painful. I’d rather shut it all out and go on living my normal day to day life; not connecting, not really feeling.


Every year I go back. Back to the place that haunts my nightmares. It was torture. But seeing her face again, dulls the pain, makes everything that much brighter. I’d never be able to be in her life again; it would bring back too many painful memories. How could she forgive me, when I didn’t even forgive myself.

Only time will tell.

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Danielle has always dreamt about writing a book. With many stories to tell, she finally pulled her finger out one morning when one story screamed at her louder than the rest. When Danielle’s not writing, she can be found painting people’s faces with makeup or watching twenty-minute cat videos late at night, procrastination is strong in this one. If you’re ever short for shoes to match your outfit, she’s the person to go to. With an extensive shoe collection that cost more than your mortgage (although she would insist she doesn’t have a problem), you can take your pick. An avid reader all her life, she gets lost in the magic a book immerses you in and hopes to capture that for her readers.

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