Tuesday 11 August 2015

~*COVER REVEAL*~ Safe with you by Shelby Reeves


Cassie Matlock knows how it feels to have parents who don't care about their child. Her parents care more about drugs and running from the people they owe money to instead of her.

Because of their addictions, Cassie is uprooted from her home in Indianapolis. Moving from city to city is not what Cassie has in mind for her life, but she has no choice. Because she moves frequently, Cassie doesn't even bother with making friends or getting into a relationship. Or at least she didn't until J Michaels walks into her life.

Cassie tries to fight her attraction to J, but the chemistry between them is undeniable. Cassie knows she will be leaving soon, but she isn't ready to let J go.

Someone from the past is lurking in the shadows, waiting for their time to get revenge. When the life Cassie has been forced to hide comes to the surface, all hell breaks loose.

What happens when someone you used to know becomes a stranger? What happens when the people who once loved you still loved you after all this time and you never knew it?

Even with people trying to rip them apart at every turn, can J and Cassie fight to stay together?  

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