Tuesday 11 November 2014

*RELEASE DAY BLITZ* A Hockey Player's Proposal by Lindsay Paige and Mary Smith

 Oh Captain, My Captain presents Brody Ross of the Indiana Mustangs.

Brody Ross was one of the youngest captains in the hockey league. His one and only goal is lift the Cup over his head. That is until he moved next door to Selene Porter. When he approaches her with a proposal, their friendship takes a turn. However, it comes at a price when an ex-flame appears in the picture.

Selene Porter has two loves: her dog, Bonkers, and hockey. She’s been a lifelong fan of the Indiana Mustangs and their Captain. She refuses to let anything take away what means so much to her and Brody, his career, and his old fling has her wondering if love is worth the risk.

With the unwanted presence, can Brody and Selene stick together or will Selene back out of the proposal?



I’m about to unlock my door when I hear a rustling in my bush.

“Bonkers, if you don’t come here right now, I’m turning you into a purse.” I hear a harsh whisper around the corner of my porch. I roll my eyes. I walk down the stairs over to where Selene’s butt is in the air as she's searching through my bushes. I have to say for a stalker, she has a nice ass.

“Having issues again?” I ask.

She screams and turns to me, clenching her chest. “Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” she semi-yells at me.

“You’re in my bushes,” I remind her.
She puts her hands on her hips. “My dog got loose again. I’ll have to get that gate fixed, so he’ll quit running from me. Plus, he doesn’t listen.”

“Bonkers? Bonkers got loose again?” Is she using that dog as an excuse? I shake my head.

“I swear. I’m truly not stalking you.”

“I can tell because you’re not wearing my jersey.” I point at her.

“What? You think you’re the only player on the Mustangs that I like? For your information, I like all the players on the team.”

I nod at her. Maybe she’s a loyal fan. “Bonkers! Come!” I yell. Instantly, the dog appears at my feet, waggin’ his tail and trying to climb up my leg. I bend down, pick him up, and he licks my face.

“Damn dog,” she mutters.  

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Lindsay Paige (on the right) is a romance author from North Carolina who has published eight books on her own. She is a huge hockey fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins and loves read. When not writing, Lindsay is focused on completing college.</ span>

Mary Smith (on the left) was born in Chicago, Illinois, but currently lives in West Virginia. She is an avid reader, co-founder of Book Nerds Across America, and author of the Ice series and Always Forever. She goes nowhere without her cell phone or Kindle. Mary loves anything to do with Chicago Blackhawks, Patrick Sharp, and hockey related!!

Despite their love for different teams and players, Lindsay and Mary write hockey romances to vicariously live through their characters and their experiences with these hot hockey players. Together, they have written The Penalty Kill Trilogy and the Oh Captain, My Captain series.

Lindsay Paige

Mary Smith

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