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~*BLOG TOUR*~ The Beach House by P.R. Black


Title: The Beach House
Author: P.R. Black
Genre: Political Thriller
Pub. Date: January 16, 2020
Publisher: Aria
Hosted: Head of Zeus

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Blurb ↓
This vacation is about to turn deadly...

Cora's on the island vacation of her dreams: a private beach in paradise, a romantic proposal, and an eight-figure cheque following the sale of her new fianc√©’s business.
When their island turns out to be not so private after all, Cora tries to make the best of a bad situation by inviting their strangely friendly neighbours to celebrate with them.
But it doesn't take long for her once-in-a-lifetime holiday to take a very sinister turn...

‘It’s a celebration,’ Cora said, a little too quickly.
The newcomer grinned. ‘Ah it’s all good – we’re about to do the same! Hey, maybe catch you both on Big Island later? Perhaps we can turn it into party town.’
‘That’d be nice,’ Jonathan said. ‘We’re heading over later, in fact. Maybe see you there?’
‘Why not, man? In the meantime, have a smashing day. We promise not to get in your way – but if you fancy some company one night, come over and give us a call maybe?’
‘Sure thing.’
They watched Dylan rendezvous with the dark figure of the woman further up the beach. The woman waved lustily; Cora and Jonathan followed suit, with a little more reserve.
‘Oh my God, she’s got no clothes on,’ Jonathan muttered. ‘That’s weird. Or is it? I forget where we are vis-√†-vis nudes on holiday. You almost never see that now. You used to. I think camera phones and social media killed it. It’s the Betamax of indecent exposure.’
‘Jonathan – stop babbling. She’s got bottoms on. I’m sure she’s just enjoying the sunshine. And why shouldn’t she? Why is this a problem?’
‘It’s no problem,’ he said hurriedly. ‘Is it a problem for you?’
‘No problem at all. Not my cuppa tea. But I’m all right with it. How could I not be?’
‘I didn’t expect it. I’m not sure I feel comfortable. Can we start this thread again?’
Cora looked at him, very seriously. ‘Are we uptight? Is that it?’
‘We might be.’ He chuckled. ‘Funny thing, though… And you might not like this…’
‘She kinda looked like you. From a distance, I mean.’
‘You reckon?’ Cora shaded her eyes, peering into the distance. ‘You must have been looking very closely.’
‘Well – not that closely, obviously.’
The other couple were just about visible through the heat haze, blurring at the edges. The other woman – Hazel, he’d called her – had a very similar skin tone to Cora, who was mixed race. She also had black curly hair, although it seemed to be piled high on her head rather than allowed to run free, like Cora’s. She considered a moment. ‘It’s funny – and you definitely won’t like this… I was thinking the same about him.’
‘You think that he looks like you, too?’
She sighed. ‘No, smart-arse. I mean, I thought he was your double.’
‘You’re joking, aren’t you? That dude, just then? Mr Hipster Tourist, whatever his name was?’
‘Dylan. Yeah. You’re not doppelgangers, like, but close.’
Jonathan touched his whiskers, self-consciously. ‘Does my beard look as bad as that?’
‘Of course not, sweetie.’ She kissed his hairy cheeks. ‘Yours is so much more stylish.’
‘I was thinking of clipping it, you know… maybe shaving it right off. Let my chin breathe a little. Is today the day it happens?’
‘Come on, blondie. You look fine. Let’s get our flip-flops on. We’ve got about half an hour until our man Roy arrives with the boat.’
The silhouettes of the other couple had dissolved into the sands, leaving only two sets of meandering footprints.

Author Bio ↓

Author and journalist PR Black lives in Yorkshire, although he was born and brought up in Glasgow. When he's not driving his wife and two children to distraction with all the typing, he enjoys hillwalking, fresh air and the natural world, and can often be found asking the way to the nearest pub in the Lake District. His short stories have been published in several books including the Daily Telegraph's Ghost Stories and the Northern Crime One anthology. His Glasgow detective, Inspector Lomond, is appearing in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine. He took the runner-up spot in the 2014 Bloody Scotland crime-writing competition with “Ghostie Men”. His work has also been performed on stage in London by Liars’ League. He has also been shortlisted for the Red Cross International Prize, the William Hazlitt essay prize and the Bridport Prize.

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Twitter: @PatBlack9
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