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~*RELEASE BLAST*~ Logan by Morgan Campbell

Title: Logan
Series: Bully Series, book 3
Author: Morgan Campbell
Genre: Romantic Suspense, LGBT
Release date: January 26, 2018


We were perfect until him.
They call him The Judge.
He determines our fate.
He decides if we live or die
He chooses our happiness.
Until we fight back.


For the last decade, I had the perfect man, the perfect job, and the perfect life. All that changed in one night when he came. I promised to protect them, and I failed. I should be focused on finding him, ruining his life like he did mine. But Cameron came barreling into my life in a way that he’s never done before and until I catch the monster that turned me into a heartless bastard, I can’t get my second chance at anything. Especially with Cameron.


All they wanted to do was make me forget the worst day of my life. Instead, it turned out to be even worse than I could have imagined. And while I’m mourning the loss of two people I hold dear, I still can’t get him out of my head, my heart, my soul. He’s the reason I breathe, the reason my blood flows crimson, the reason for living. And he’s the reason I’m fighting. Until we catch the man hell-bent on causing our demise, we can’t give us a chance. And all I want is to love him.

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“Logan, I’ve got a headache. Can you please give me two minutes?”
I fold my arms across my chest and look down. “You know, lately everyone keeps telling me I should just admit to these games my head keeps playing with my body. Lindsay, Levi, Grayson and Finn, everyone. It’s fucking with me, Cameron. Because I still have this war going on in my heart. But then I see you and it’s like, ‘Oh, right. It’s Cameron.’ And the more I tell myself that something with you would be so wrong, I have this other side telling me that it would be perfectly right. And I’ve got to tell you, Cam, that side is winning. I promised myself that I would wait until all this is over until I even tried to make a move for you, but do you know how fucking hard that is?”
I stand at the foot of the bed, staring at Cam as I spill out my confession. I’m not good with these girly, feely things. I don’t do share time and feeling open like I do now, it’s not something I’m comfortable with. He lets out a sigh and rolls onto his left side, away from me. If anything, I didn’t expect to feel this hurtful pang in my chest.
“You lying down with me or what?”
I shed my shoes and crawl onto the bed, leaving a good foot of space between us as I lie on my side and face the back of his head.
“For shit’s sake, Logan!” He scoots toward me until he perfectly aligns his body – every bend and crook – into my own. I feel my breathing speeding up, even more, when I hear the sexiest growl come from him. I try to shuffle back because he’s about to feel exactly what that growl does to me. And sober, I’m not sure how ready I am for that.
“You know, anyone tell you that you really suck at this flirting thing?” He reaches back and grabs my hand and moves around until my arm is flung around his chest, his back hugging my chest, my legs are parallel to his, and my now hard dick rests very uncomfortably behind my jeans and against his ass.
I’m dazed, utterly dazed that even this is happening. My chest rises and falls a bit quicker than moments ago, and my hand, firmly flush against his chest, aches to rub the hard muscle below it. I try to convince myself that what we’re doing right now is enough, but when he presses his hand into mine, linking our fingers, I can’t help but slowly caress him and give in to just a little bit more.
I let him make the first moves. Our first exchanges not driven by alcohol, but from lust. I need him to show me he wants it, not just tell me. He knows I want him, but he doesn’t know that in this very second, I crave him. Like a new addiction I can’t get my fix of quickly enough.
I trace small circles with my fingertips across his chest until he takes over. Suddenly, I’m under his shirt, and it’s my hand on his bare chest. I try to muffle the throaty sound that forces its way past my lips, but it comes out and I swear his ass jerks into my dick. Still, he doesn’t turn around. As my hand learns every groove and dip of Cameron’s chest, my head gently falls to his back. I silently thank the Gods for any contact I’m allowed with him, a contact I need more than my next breath.
He starts to push my hand down his chest until I’m splayed over his abs. I lightly fan my fingers over each rippled muscle. I don’t even realize that his hand leaves mine until I feel it grab my ass, pulling me closer, and making me hiss the second my restrained dick grinds into him.
“Oh, shit,” I groan, my voice muffled against his back.
Cameron’s other hand pushes mine lower until I give in and cup the bulge between his thighs. But then he swats my hand away, and I yelp in protest. He twists his body around so that we’re face to face. The look on his face drives me crazy at how aroused he is. Almost a forbidden lust that if I look too long, I’ll curse us both. He reaches for my belt and work it open before unbuttoning the snap of my jeans. At the same time, I get his open, but I leave it at that. This is his game, his rules, and I’m a willing player.
“Take it out for me, Logan.” He nods to my dick. God, even something as simple as those six little words makes my heart race faster and my hands tremble. I do as he says and I’m rewarded with the firmest, warmest hand snaking around me. He slowly slides up and down while I close my eyes and enjoy the ride.
Cameron’s thumb gently circles the head of my dick, massaging in the precome. I feel so damn high as I fuck Cam’s hand, basking in the feel of his rough hands making me lose my goddamn mind.
“Hold on a second.” I open my eyes when his hand goes away but its only for a moment and his own dick is in his hands as well.
I push an arm under his head like a pillow and wrap my fingers around his neck; the other holds onto his shoulder as I anchor myself to him. I bite back a cry as his hand comes around both of us, pumping us simultaneously. My eyes start to close again but Cam calls my name.
“Look into my eyes, Logan. Don’t look away.” I quickly nod, holding on to Cam tighter as I bring his scruffy face closer to mine.
Our lips float over each other. I need to feel more of me on him but something about that closeness, the illicit kiss that seals our fate of this encounter – this tryst – this…whatever, feels like it would ruin this very moment we’ve worked for. I like the feeling of hovering over the edge. Taking me to the brink just to pull me back.
Or breathing speeds up the more his fuckable hand encircles us, but we never break eye contact. We don’t kiss, only sharing our labored breath until I feel my jaw clench shut. My hand joins his and I breathe through my release, grunting out behind a closed mouth as I spill over both of us. In a matter of seconds, Cameron’s eyes fight to stay open as his orgasm shatters over us.
My hands come up and I frame his face despite the mess I’ve just made. His find mine and we keep our eyes locked on to each other as we fight to catch our breath. No words spoken, nothing other than a simple breath penetrates the air around us. I can’t bring myself to kiss him or look away from the man. That is until our foreheads come together and our lips curve into a private smile.
Even as we finally begin to feel an ounce of normalcy, we don’t move from the bed. We stay so close together, so wrapped up in each other that despite the numbness settling in my arm, I’m content.
So, fucking happy that I ignore the familiar feeling I felt that first night we were together, the one where my brain awakens and tells me that what we’re doing is wrong.

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Author Bio:

Morgan lives in the south of Texas with her family. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found with her nose stuck in a book, cooking, baking, crocheting, and causing a general ruckus with her friends and family! Filled with an overactive imagination at a young age, she began writing her thoughts down in a journal, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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