Monday 10 October 2016

~*RELEASE BLITZ*~ Zero F*cks by LK Collins

I fell in love with Cameron Hollis the moment I laid eyes on her.
She was everything to me.
We had nothing but a clean slate ahead of us, until the day I made the biggest mistake of my life.
I let her go. It was for her own good…at least that’s what I told myself.
That was five years ago, now my tour is over, and I’m home.
Nothing matters without her.
But I won’t go after her, the guilt I have is too much to face.
I lied…about so many things, she’ll never look at me the same way.
Zero f*cks, that’s how I live now.

Part of me died the day Nixon Andrews broke my f*cking heart.
He became a Navy Seal and then decided the course of my future, like he had the f*ckin’ power.
Because he didn’t want to see me end up hurt. He was protecting me…from him.
But I didn’t need protecting, I just needed Nixon.
Even if he was halfway across the world, I needed to know that no matter what, we were going to be okay.
That was five years ago and still not a single word from him…
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         Hopping in my truck to leave, I pull out my cell phone and text the last chick that messaged me. I don’t even care who she is, I just need a good fucking tonight. As I hit send, I stick the key in the ignition and a taxi pulls up in front of me. The rear door opens and out stumbles Cameron. She’s blitzed out of her mind as she trips on the curb, falling to her hands and knees. The taxi drives off, leaving her, and I shake my head, pissed at her for getting this drunk.             What the fuck is she thinking? 
            The last thing she’ll want to see is me, but she can’t even open the door to her building. Getting out angry, I help her stand. She looks up at me and for the first time since I’ve been back, she smiles at me, softening my heart, a sight I’ve fucking missed.
“Nixon,” she slurs, her breath mixed with tequila and mint. “What are you doing here?”
            I ignore her question and help her inside. She clings to me, her head hanging low, and she keeps tripping on the steps. “How much did you have to drink?” I ask her.
            “Who cares?”
            “Give me your keys,” I demand, and when she does, I lift her up and toss her over my shoulder. She laughs for a moment and then silences, swaying with the motions as I carry her into her apartment. Tossing her down on her bed, her long messy hair fans out around her.
            God, she’s so hot.
            “Did Guy and Luke let you get this drunk?” I ask her.
            “I don’t need anybody to let me do shit.” She rolls to her side and pats the bed next to her, but I decline shaking my head. If I sit, I might end up fucking her—right here, right now. And I can’t take advantage of her like that. We’d both hate ourselves tomorrow if anything happened, especially with how drunk she is. “Stop being such a pussy and sit down.” Against my better judgment I listen to her.
“I should fuck him up for letting you drink so much.”
            “You do that, Mister Tough Guy.”
            “I will. Was Guy there with you?”
            “He left early like a pussy. It was just Luke and I. You know…I fucked him a while ago and now he likes me.”
            “What the fuck? When?” I grind my teeth hearing that she slept with him. It makes me want to smash his face in.
            “Right before you came back.” Her eyes are heavy as she’s talking to me through long blinks.
            “Do you like him?” I ask her, dreading her response.
“I thought I did…until you came back and fucked everything up.” She glances up at me, yawning through her tired eyes. “Why are you here?”
            I shrug my shoulders, not completely sure myself. She scoots a little closer to me, her face now resting on my thigh, and I touch her cheek. Closing my eyes, her warm skin beneath my cool fingers feels so fuckin’ good.
She asks me, “Did you miss me, when you were gone?”
            “Every day,” I whisper, and for the first time, I truly acknowledge the regret I have about leaving her...
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From International Bestselling Author, LK Collins, comes a sexy new standalone novel showing that true love never dies, and how a broken heart can cause you to give zero f*cks. LK writes an array of emotionally and sexy gripping Erotic Romance novels. Her stories are compelling and will draw you in from page one, and with twists and turns along the way, she always keeps her readers enthralled 'til the end. When LK’s not lost in the minds of her characters, you can find her on the beach with her family, where her husband and writing partner, “The Prezident,” are sure to be plotting out her next tale. 

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