Saturday, 6 August 2016

~*BOOK REVIEW*~ Victims² by Muriel Garcia


Victims² by Muriel Garcia


I'm not sure where to start because for once I'm actually speechless. Muriel has pulled something out of the bag that not many people can pull off, but she did.

It was stomach turning, mysterious, intriguing and gross all at the same time. Where you're all engrossed in the story but can't look away even when your stomach is rolling around.

I have to say, Muriel Garcia is the next Stephen King. No book has ever made me feel so sick before but this one did but I loved every second of it.

The mystery and suspense carried the whole way through the book and even then you're left wanting more.

I'm gobsmacked at the ending and even thinking how was it even possible, it makes you want to read it again to see if you missed any of the signs.

Some places were a little shaky but can easily be overlooked, and it didn't effect the storyline too much. Some of it was a bit unrealistic; lack of cameras, lack of people etc etc but I guess it depends how rural Helltown really is.

I can't wait for the next book, though I think my stomach can!

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