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~*BLOG TOUR*~ He's Captured My Trust by Karen Frances

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Title: He’s Captured My Trust 
Author: Karen Frances 
Book Tour: June 22 - July 3 
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Alex Mathews is a New York businessman who has a “work hard, play hard” mentality and considers women as a means to an end. But Libby Stewart, a beautiful hotel manager in Scotland, manages to do the impossible: steal Alex’s heart and turn his world upside down. With an ocean separating them, Alex arranges for Libby to visit him in the States for a long weekend…but things don’t go quite as planned.
Sparks fly when Alex’s old friend enters the picture and one of Alex’s business rivals shows an unsolicited interest in Libby. Tensions reach an all-time high when the four of them are thrown together during an engagement party. But it’s a series of passionate trysts and shocking betrayals that leaves Alex and Libby wondering if their love was truly meant to be.
Can they learn to trust? Or will the sea between them prove to be too much to overcome?
The second book in the Captured series, He’s Captured My Trust is a whirlwind romance—filled with jealousy and desire as two star-crossed lovers struggle to make their relationship work.

He's captured my Trust

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We sit in silence for a few moments, Alex tracing my scar with his fingers. He moves slowly behind me. I feel his breath against my neck. It’s a warning to all my senses to be on my guard. My body yearns for his touch. I want him. The darkness and uncertainty of the last few minutes has lifted and has been replaced with desire.
He places small kisses on my neck and slowly but gently moves down my back until he reaches the scar, where he stops and lingers. Seriously? He can’t keep overthinking this, or it will be a painful weekend for both of us. I don’t want to waste the time we have together.
“Alex.” My voice is barely a whisper.
“Yes, baby.”
“I want you now, please.”
“You have me.” He moves from behind me and pushes me down flat on the bed. He pulls my bra straps off my shoulders and throws the bra on the floor. How did I not notice him undoing the clip? He stands at the side of the bed and removes his trousers and boxers in one go.
Oh, what a sight before me.
“Libby, see what you do to me?”
My eyes slowly run the length of his body, leaving the most important part, at this moment, to savour.
“Anything I can help you with, Miss Stewart? You seem to be rather taken with a certain part of my anatomy,” he says with a devilish grin.
“Of course you can help. It’s a part of your body I want to get reacquainted with, considering how long it’s been since we were last together like this.” I reach my arms out to him and pull him toward me.
His grin is infectious. His lips find mine with passion and force. His tongue invades my mouth almost violently. I forcefully run my hands through his hair. A slight moan leaves him. His hands are all over my body, not staying in one place long, which is just as well, because I need this as quickly as he does. There will be plenty of time for deep and meaningful later. There’s no doubt in my mind what we both want in this moment.
All the frustration of our weeks apart boils away between us. We both seem to be worked up. He seems to be right where he wants to be and looks straight into my eyes for approval, which I give. My hands leave his hair and travel down his back. I move my legs, wrapping them around his waist, giving him all the invitation he needs.

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BOOK ONE: He's Captured My Heart

He's Captured My Heart Karen  

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Like any dutiful Scottish daughter, Libby Stewart puts her family first. She’s spent months helping her brother, a single father, care for his new daughter. The strain of her family commitments led to the painful demise of a two-year relationship. As Libby nurses her broken heart and relishes time with her niece, her father offers her a job managing his hotel. She’s ready to focus on her career and get her life back on track.
Alexander Mathews, a handsome American businessman who is staying at the hotel, has other plans for Libby. She’s taken aback when she meets Alex. He strikes her as arrogant and domineering, but regardless, the sexual tension between them is palpable. Libby fancies herself a good girl, but Alex quickly seduces her. Libby finds she is soon addicted to the passion she feels in Alex’s skillful hands. Libby had never been so confused. Who is Alex Mathews, really? An international playboy, or truly the man of her dreams? When a confrontation with her ex-boyfriend turns violent and she questions Alex’s loyalty to her, Libby must decide if she wants to let this charismatic stranger from across the pond truly capture her heart.

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  He's Captured my Heart

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Karen Frances is the author of He’s Captured My Heart and He’s Captured My Trust, the first two books in the Captured series.
She currently lives in Glasgow, Scotland, with her husband, five children, and two dogs. She is still working on the family business, doing accounts and payroll, but trying to scale back her work load.Frances spends her time keeping fit and preparing healthy meals for her family when their schedules actually allow them to sit down together. After years of running her sons to and from football sessions, she finally has time for herself, which, when she’s not a taxi service for her daughters, usually involves shopping for others, reading, and writing.

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