Monday 27 October 2014

* * BOOK REVIEW * * The Dream Devils by Liane Carter

The Dream Devils by Liane Carter author

Twelve-year-old Marcie is desperate for her dad's love. But when her powers threaten to strip him of his title of Overlord, he plots to destroy her. She flees to neighbouring planet Devilian but his spies follow and the more she discovers about herself the scarier things become. Suspenseful, action-packed fantasy in a world where devils are good and family can be bad. "Action-packed from the outset, a fascinating fantasy. Liane Carter's writing is as filled with passion for entertaining children as she is in person." MG Harris, best-selling author of 'The Joshua Files'. "Cleverly, twists and turns, moving the story on, drawing you in and keeping you there hungry to know what will happen next. Descriptions breathe and the pace beats like an athlete's heart. Liane's talent for storytelling is on another level, exquisite and a joy to read." Anita Andrews, School Governor and owner of "I loved the book. It kept me on the edge of my seat to the very end. I didn't want to put it down. My favorite character is Duggit. Dream Devils would be so cool to meet." Maddox Reiman, Madison Traditional Academy, Phoenix, Arizona USA.

My Review:
This isn't usually something I would personally read, as it is aimed for teens. But it hooked me, line and sinker.
It has the suspense, some humour, the action and all those amazing colourful creatures/characters which made this book so FASCINATING!

Marcie - A mix breed. She's a Morpher, Girasol and part demon, her father hates her, yet she chooses to be blind to it, and ventures out to show him she's a warrior, someone he can love. To no avail.

Duggit - Marcie's Dream Devil bestie. He's cocky and cheeky yet has his own dears, he's also a half-breed. But you can find out what else he is in the book!

Rabia - A Girasol and Morpher. Marcie's hero, as it is.
Reese - Duggit's best friend, hes a devil. 
Anime - Marcies Mum.

Then you have the strange creature of The Troika. A 3 headed horse. Each head having a different meaning. 

As you can tell from these vibrant characters, this book is full of wild imagination and it's fascinating from the beginning!


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