Sunday 1 March 2020

~*RELEASE BLITZ*~ Bittersweet Love by QB Tyler

Bittersweet Love by QB Tyler
Written in the Stars Book 2: Pisces
12 Zodiac Signs. 12 Authors. 12 sexy, deeply romantic Novellas Celebrate with a new novella each month, as you binge read your way through the horoscopes and decide for yourself: “Does your horoscope decide your fate in love?” Trope: Enemies to Lovers and Office Romance
Vincent Maddox is the bane of my existence.  
The cocky jerk with the God complex has made it his mission to make my life miserable since the day I moved to Chicago. 
New job. New town. New start.
That is until  my long-distance boyfriend decided to break up with me...via text.
Heart break can make you do stupid things. In my case, it made me drink way too much whiskey and hook up with my a-hole arch nemesis. 
Vince Maddox is the bane of my existence...or is he?

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Hailing from the Nation's Capital, Q.B. Tyler, spends her days constructing her "happily ever afters" with a twist, featuring sassy heroines and the heroes that worship them. But most importantly the love story that develops despite inconvenient circumstances.
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I look at his hand, before looking up at him curiously. “We do the hand holding thing now?” Sure, we’re having sex, a lot of sex. We’ve shared a few meals together between the sex and maybe we do talk a lot when we aren’t doing either, but we aren’t together. We aren’t dating, and holding hands just seems so…intimate? Okay, maybe intimate is the wrong word seeing as how you can’t get more intimate then putting your tongue in someone’s ass but that is sex. This is…
He rolls his eyes at me and sighs before lowering it slowly. “You don’t like flying. Neither does my younger sister, so I hold her hand when we takeoff. Wasn’t asking for your hand in marriage, Michaels.” I frown, hearing him use my last name, something he hasn’t done much recently. He’d taken to calling me Lauren or Lo and, in this moment, I realize how much I prefer that.

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