Wednesday 12 February 2020

~*RELAUNCH BLITZ*~ The Crave Duet by E.K. Blair

The Crave Duet by E.K. Blair

From New York Times bestselling author, E.K. Blair, comes a hauntingly profound love story.

When Adaline leaves her home in Texas and moves to Tampa, Florida, the course of her life changes forever.

As she struggles to settle in, she crosses paths with Kason. From the moment they meet, she starts to fall, but she has no idea that he will alter her life in a way no one, not even Adaline, could ever prepare for.

Kason fights against the secrets that haunt him, but when those secrets prove to be stronger than him, he unravels. It isn't long before Adaline finds herself in a situation that should send her running.

But she doesn't.
Because she can't.

Her heart won't let her.

Before Adaline ever has a choice, she's too tangled within the threads that have Kason trapped in a world of fear and agony.

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