Friday 18 October 2019

~*COVER REVEAL*~ Waking Up In Vegas by Natasha Preston

Waking Up In Vegas Cover Reveal!

Waking Up In Vegas by Natasha Preston
The One Series - Book One  
Release Date: December 6th 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Cover Design by LJ Stock at LJ Designs

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There are bad hangovers, then there’s waking up married to your brother’s idiot friend.

On the trip of a lifetime, a drunken Wren and intoxicated Brody stumble upon a wedding ceremony and decide to tag along for the ride. But being spectators isn’t quite wild enough when you’ve got tequila in your toes, and before either of them can stop what they’re about to do, “We now pronounce you husband and wife.” 

Once sober and home, the incompatible newlyweds try everything within their power to end their pantomime marriage. Unfortunately for them, the promise and vows they made to spend their life together now aren’t as easy to break as they’d once hoped. 

Especially not when Brody starts to have a change of heart.


My head feels like someone is splitting my skull with a crowbar. Fucking tequila.

I groan and roll onto my side. I don’t even remember getting back to my room. Pushing myself up, I try to focus my eyes.

I’m in my room, but I’m not alone.

My head drops to the human body beside me.


I’m naked and there is no way she’s not.

We slept together.

What the hell have I done?

There is no official rule, but I know I shouldn’t be in bed with her. Our families are close, one of my best friends is her brother.

I groan again and that’s when the events of last night come flooding back.

My heart stills.

We didn’t…

The licence. The chapel. The fucking tequila. “We got married,” I whisper in horror.

Another Excerpt:

We leave the coffee shop and head towards the brash strip. I kind of want to go home, but a marriage will follow me back to England.

“I’m not going out tonight,” he tells me.

“Look how well that turned out last night.”

“Seriously, Wren, I can’t leave you.”

“That’s exactly what you need to do or they’re going to get suspicious.”

Clearing his throat, he runs his hand through his hair. “Felicity already is.”

My heart beats faster. “What’s she said?”

“She’s noticed a few things.”

“What things?”

“Flirting, looks, I don’t know.”

Looks. As in him looking at me?

I want to slap away the elation I feel at that thought. It’s plain ridiculous.

I can’t start fancying my husband.

About Natasha Preston:

UK native Natasha Preston grew up in small villages and towns. She discovered her love of writing when she stumbled across an amateur writing site and uploaded her first story and hasn’t looked back since.

Natasha is the Author of...
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