Thursday 10 October 2019

~*BLOG TOUR*~ One Day in Winter by Shari Low


Title: One Day in Winter
Series: A Winter Day Book Book 1
Author: Shari Low​
Genre: Heartwarming, Holiday Romance
Pub. Date: September 1, 2019
Publisher: Aria Fiction​

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On a cold December's morning...

Caro sets off to find the truth: has her relationship with her father been based on a lifetime of lies?

Cammy can't wait to surprise the woman he loves with a proposal. All he needs is the perfect ring.

Lila can no longer hide her secret. She has to tell her lover's wife about their affair.

After thirty years, Bernadette knows it's time. She's ready to leave her controlling husband... and never look back.

Over the course of twenty-four hours, four lives are about to change forever...

The facts and timescales didn’t add up at all. This Lila person said she was twenty-nine. Caro was thirty-two. There was no way her dad could have another daughter of almost the same age. As far as she knew, her mum and dad had never had any separations, and there had never been a hint of an affair, and surely there was no way something like that could have been covered up for 29 years?
And anyway, her dad’s birthday was… She scrolled back and looked at the date on the man’s birthday post and the power to exhale was temporarily suspended yet again. November 1st. Same birthday as her father. They’d rarely managed to celebrate it on the actual day because he was invariably away working in… Glasgow.
No breath.
Her gaze went to the cake. 54. Same age as her dad.
Click. Photographs. A lifetime’s worth. Retro pics of Girl With the Same Surname when she was five. Eight. Twelve. Sweet sixteen. Maybe 25. And countless others since then.
Loads of the early pics showed younger versions of the man who had been around when Caro was five, eight, twelve, sixteen, twenty-five. But not thirty. He’d left by then, a couple of years ago, right after her mum was diagnosed. He didn’t come back.
She’d called him a couple of times. Rebuked him. He’d told her this was ‘his time’
In all honesty, there had never been a time that wasn’t. Their lives had always orbited around his, fitted in with his schedule, sprang into action when he was around.
Click. Click. Click. This had to be him, but it couldn’t be. This made no sense at all. None. It had to be one of those surreal coincidences. Had to be. 
She went through them all again, lifted the phone to call him and then stopped. No point. Last time she’d tried, she’d got an automated message saying his number was no longer in service.
It was probably just as well. What would she say? Hey Dad, why are you on someone else’s Facebook page? Why does someone else call you dad? Where have you been going all these years? Where are you now? Why did you betray Mum, leave me, cut us off and walk out, you faithless, cold-hearted, arrogant, bastard?
It took a moment for her breathing to return to normal. Hate and fury, both emotions that rarely featured in her personality, had taken root on the day he left and they had grown branches that had wrapped around her and were now squeezing her ribcage.
She despised him. When he walked out, she’d thought she couldn’t hate him more. Now, looking at these images, she realised there was a whole pool of hate she hadn’t even dipped her toe in yet. Her mum, here, without the man who had promised to love her in sickness and health. Him, away somewhere playing happy bloody families. 
She didn’t want to believe it was true.
It wasn’t. 
But if it was, then he’d spent a lifetime lying to her.

Author Bio ↓

Shari Low is the No1 best-selling author of over 20 novels, including One Day In Winter, A Life Without You, The Story Of Our Life, With Or Without You, Another Day In Winter and her latest release, This Is Me. 

And because she likes to over-share toe-curling moments and hapless disasters, she is also the shameless mother behind a collection of parenthood memories called Because Mummy Said So. 

Once upon a time she met a guy, got engaged after a week, and twenty-something years later she lives near Glasgow with her husband, a labradoodle, and two teenagers who think she's fairly embarrassing except when they need a lift. 

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Facebook: @ShariLow
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Instagram: @sharilowbooks  

Twitter: @aria_fiction
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