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~*BLOG TOUR*~ Christmas at the Foyles Bookshop by Elaine Roberts


Title: Christmas at Foyles Bookshop
Series: The Foyles Girls Book 3
Genre: Family Saga Fiction
Pub. Date: October 10, 2019
Publisher: Aria Fiction
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With the war raging on, can there be peace, love and joy this Christmas?

London, 1917. After her parents died in a tragic accident, Victoria did everything she could to keep her siblings safe and off the streets. Working at the Foyles Bookshop with her best friends is a dream come true – but now the war has put everything she holds dear in danger.

With her brother fighting on the frontline, Victoria wants to do her part. Little does she know that volunteering to spend time with injured soldiers at Endell Street Military Hospital will reward her in ways she could never have imagined. There are family secrets to uncover, along with love, once lost but never forgotten.

This Christmas, all the Foyles girls want is their loved ones back safe and sound...

The final heartwarming novel in the Foyles Girls trilogy, Christmas at the Foyles Bookshop is perfect for fans of Daisy Styles and Rosie Hendry.


All the Foyles girls want this Christmas is their loved ones back safe and sound and to look foward to a New Year without the shadow of war...

The final book in Elaine Roberts' heartwarming Foyles Girls trilogy.

‘Yes, very grown up. As I said, nothing changes.’ Victoria plucked her card from its slot, along with Alice and Molly’s and passed theirs over to them. ‘In all seriousness, it’s great to see you back here where we can keep an eye on you.’
Molly’s lips lifted at the corners. ‘Thanks, I think I’ll take that as a compliment, because you’ve missed me.’ She unbuttoned her coat.
Alice laughed. ‘Remind us, what time did you get to work at the munitions factory?’ She also stepped forward to wrap her arms around her friend. ‘Best get yourself ready, before Mr Leadbetter comes looking for you.’ She stepped back. ‘It’s lovely to have you back.’
Molly took off her coat and gently shook it, before hanging it on a coat peg.
The three of them stood in line, the clock constantly clicking, as each person in turn put their card into the slot and pulled it out again.
Molly stood behind Alice, patiently waiting her turn. ‘Your hair looks nice, Alice, have you had it cut again?’
Alice turned and patted her dark hair. ‘I had it cut to just under my ears, because every time I pick up Arthur, he grabs a handful.’ She chuckled. ‘I did think that at this rate, I’ll have no hair by the time I’m twenty-five.’
Mr Leadbetter appeared in the doorway. ‘Come on, ladies, there’s no time for chatter. The doors need to be opened for customers, even in this miserable weather, so I need you all in your positions.’ He nodded as they all drifted past him one at a time. ‘Morning, Miss Cooper.’
Molly squared her shoulders, wondering how much trouble she would get into this time around. ‘Morning, Mr Leadbetter.’
‘I want you to follow me to your new workplace.’ Mr Leadbetter peered down at Molly. ‘I’ve placed you in the children’s section, so I hope you enjoy the delights of working with them. Miss Appleton, I would like to see you, once I have organised Miss Cooper.’ Mr Leadbetter turned on his heels and, without a backward glance, he left the room.
Molly glanced at Victoria. ‘What have you been up to?’
Victoria’s hand came up and rested at the base of her neck. She shrugged. ‘I’ve not done anything.’ She frowned. ‘At least, I don’t think I have.’
‘Miss Cooper.’ Mr Leadbetter’s voice travelled through to the staff area.
Molly clenched her jaw. ‘I’d better go. Don’t worry, Victoria, it’s probably nothing.’ She almost ran to the doorway. ‘I don’t want to keep old Leadbetter waiting and get off on the wrong foot from the first day.’ She stepped through the open doorway, almost knocking Mr Leadbetter off his feet. ‘Sorry, sir.’ Gulping hard, she wondered if he’d heard her. Molly looked down, her mouth dropping open as she noticed she was still clenching her clocking in card. ‘Oh, sorry, just realised I haven’t punched my card.’ Molly turned on her heels and ran back into the staff area.
Victoria and Alice watched her with wide eyes as she brushed past them and put her card in the slot. She waited for the dong, to show the card had done its job, before pulling it out and placing it back inside the wooden cardholder. Without a word, and straight-lipped, she ran back into the shop and her manager.
Mr Leadbetter eyed her for a moment. ‘Hmm, I know you are excited to be back with your friends, but don’t let me regret giving you back your job, Miss Cooper.’
Molly looked down at her ankle boots, momentarily getting distracted by the wet dirty toes.

Author Bio ↓

Elaine Roberts had a dream to write for a living. She completed her first novel in her twenties and received her first very nice rejection. Life then got in the way until circumstances made her re-evaluate her life, and she picked up her dream again in 2010. She joined a creative writing class, The Write Place, in 2012 and shortly afterwards had her first short story published. She was thrilled when many more followed and started to believe in herself.

As a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and The Society of Women Writers & Journalists, Elaine attends many conferences, workshops, seminars and wonderful parties. Meeting other writers gives her encouragement, finding most face similar problems.

Elaine and her patient husband, Dave, have five children who have flown the nest. Home is in Dartford, Kent and is always busy with their children, grandchildren, grand dogs and cats visiting. Without her wonderful family and supportive friends, she knows the dream would never have been realised.

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Twitter: @RobertsElaine11

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