Friday, 2 December 2016

~*BOOK REVIEW*~ Taunt by Eve Dangerfield


Taunt by Eve Dangerfield


My Review:

Well, this was an adventurous read. It was full of humour and drama and I loved Daniel (except her name.) her witty comebacks and corny jokes had me laughing continuously throughout the whole book.

I'm not really into Menage a tois (or however you spell it) usually, well... this is one person more than that.. and I hate love triangles but it definitely worked for this book. I found that I was hooked almost from the very beginning, and laughed a hell of a lot at the antics and semantics throughout. Each character has their own unique personalities and John has is dry sense of humour which worked well for him.

I loved the catalyst of the book, I love how much obvious research went into making this kind of story work and I really enjoyed the authors writing style.

I did have difficulty reading this due to editorial issues though, and found some parts made little to no sense. this didn't count in my star review of this book though!

I knocked a star of because I felt the length of the book was unnecessary and would have worked a 100x better if it was shorter.

To conclude, I loved it and look forward to reading Mock which is next from this author.

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