Sunday, 27 March 2016

~*NEW RELEASE*~ Rennillia: The Prequel by M. Sembera

Sometimes, you have to go back to the beginning to get to the end.
Rennillia:Prequel (Rennillia Series #3)
New Adult
M. Sembera
March. 24, 2016
*can be read as a standalone*
Four friends test the bonds of love, loyalty, and friendship in the second installment of this suspenseful new-adult saga.
I'm not a fan of reliving the past, especially mine. This isn’t exactly the beginning but it is the start of everything. Back before I knew the truth, back when we were far from innocent but completely naive. I was 15 and rebellious. My only friend was Hert and all I wanted, was to get out of my parent’s house. This is the story of our friendship, meeting Emerson, dating Jackson, losing myself and what I now believe to be the starting point of our future. -Ren

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Rennillia Prequel by M. Sembera

Rennillia Prequel

by M. Sembera

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The final installment of Rennillia's Series is set to release 5/19

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